i’m trying to make a game. a FPS.(first person shooter - for those who didn’t know) and i was wondering if anybody knew how to make bullets that when the mouse button was klikked would shoot out to the direction i’m pointing.

and one other thing… please tell me how to get to use the mouse’s motion to move the camera ( like there are in the fps games) or else my game would turn out to be something like Wolfenstein 3D or Doom :smiley:

please help me.

These questions get asked so much. Search for a ‘mouselook’ script and ‘bullets’ in this forum.

you have to create a bullet and make it child to the gun. for bullets motion u have to use dloc in the acutuatorblock. for reloading bullet u have to use ipo by animating the bullet towards gun. And you have to set scene and add new cameraname and link this to bullet actuator. This should work. :stuck_out_tongue:

k then. thanks everyone.