[GameArt] Metro station modular kit

Hi. I want to share my latest work in Unity: Metro station modular kit. You my ask where is blender in this project, so it was used to create all models :slight_smile: Check animation video:

Here is link to artsation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/x1WwX
Here is link to my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PixelcloudArt/

Also it’s currently available on:
Asset store: http://bit.ly/2OAjKsy
Cgtrader: http://bit.ly/2LQBjpV
Turbosquid: http://bit.ly/2MbBRDE

And few screenshots:


Just mind blowing Top raw !

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Reminds me of the first level of Max Payne, Nice work!

Wow that looks amazing. Some of the shots have too much DoF so they look like a scale model, but otherwise they’re really nice.

Thanks a lot !
Yes, i like DoF quite a bit :wink: and may overdo it.

Perfect! I love the lighting

very nice work, i can almost imgamin zombis are filling the area,
amazing work

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That WILD CATZ CONCERT looks tempting! Nice posters! :grinning:

Nice. I like the level of detail.

Thanks all for comments. Glad You like it :wink:

Amazing! Love the colors!

You’re #featured!

From minute 2:03 I could imagine Half-Life 3, I do not know why :yum:

I like it. Quite strongly reminiscent of Doom 3 in my perception.

I’m featured, that’s nice :wink: Thanks all

then hl3 confirmed ;d

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Excellent model.
And with all that detail, it would be cheap at twice the price, as my dad used to say.

This is great, so much attention to detail, the shot from inside the cabin is fantastic, the only thing that ruins it for me is the DOF, if only that were dialed back to correct scale we could really take in the details.

Some really nice work here modelling and shading/texture-wise - as pointed out here by others though, you really need to reign in your OTT use of DOF. It’s incredibly distracting and weird, and ultimately detracts from the quality of everything else you’ve done.

That’s nice, thanks ;]
@djwaterman @biddavar.khunt
Thanks guys :), i will have this in mind on later projects.

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