Gamebad vibration feedback

Just a quick question, Can blender case a gamepad with vibration feed back to vibrate? I don’t see it a glance is the logic bricks. Just wondering thanks in advance!

Not currently. Force feedback is supported in SDL (the library which the BGE uses to access things like joystick, keyboard, etc), but support for it has not been added to Blender’s Game Engine.

Commander Taco asked about this almost a year ago:

If anyone is interested in pursuing this developmentally, force feedback support is controlled by SDL_haptic. API documentation is here:

OK thanks, I might do it I might not. How would I edit blender to add this? I have no idea what so ever…

I think SDL_haptic is only in SDL 1.3, which is the current development version. So, when SDL 1.3 is released, adding haptic response into the BGE should be doable.

So it would not be wise to try at this moment?