GameBlender : multiplayer sockets problem :(

hello everyone!! adoring all that touches the multiplayer, the network the communications online what! I have to seek how I could create an application in network with blender using scripts python and I have to find a tuto which covers the subject exactly: I have executed the blend I see the objects on the scene but that does not function: ( I have to change host == my_ip_adress but nothing done, when I press the flechées keys, any of the two objects moves there contrary has what that must thus do veiled I am desperate. and thank you very much with those which would have succeeded has to make go the network with! manu

( ps : sorry for my english but i am very bad i speak french in the reality :s )

nobody ? :’( :expressionless:

Well I’m not sure I understand your question, but to get that .blend to work, just go to a windows prompt and type “ipconfig” to find your local network IP. It should begin with “192”. Then put this into the “host” variable in the client and server python scripts, and get the .blend onto another computer. Then press “S” on your original computer, then press “C” on the second one. Tell me if you don’t understand anything. :slight_smile:

thx for your anwser, for ipconfig I know !
This is 82.221 etc etc I have placed this adresse but when i press arrowkey my object don’t move!

Hmm. Check the console, does it say anything?

By the way, make sure you press “S” on the server computer and “C” on the client computer, otherwise it won’t work.

bacon, with you does its run ?