Gameblender Newby Questions


Wondering if there are a few tutes about selecting objects.
Im working on a little project that involves selecting a house in a row of houses, and then to configure the house. eg, extra windows, makin a patio and so on, this can be done with the keyboard.
I can’t figure out how to select a house with a mouse-click and then fly towards it with the camera.
Is there someone who can help me out?? :o

There are a quiet lot of selection modes. Try messing around with:

  • key: A, select all or deselects all.
  • key: B, 1x press that key: selection box to draw a square, what’s inside will be selected
  • key: B, 2x press that key: make the mouse a drawing tool, so you draw select objects or vertices.

Then moving objects to another layers to organise groups of object, can be done by: selecting, press a number (not the right side key pad) and click ok. I use that a lot to organise my rendering scenes. Sometimes my pc has to work hard to show everything. So I move parts of a scene to an another layer. Holding Shift and typing 1, 2, and 3 or else. Will show layer 1, 2, and 3 in the same window. :slight_smile:

I hope this will help you a little. Else, you can go in blender to Help > keynotes (or something) to look at all the availeble key functions.

Hello and welcome,

You should make your post headings giva an idea to what your question is about cause with the heading you gave ppl will tend to over look your post. :-?

As to your question you can use ipo’s to achieve the moving of a camera to a specific location using keyboard(the simple way). Also you can achieve this by using python(the more complex way). :smiley:

If you dont know how to do any of these two you are better off askingon the blenderqa channel on irc rather that here since it will take quite a bit of explaining and feedback. [!]

Channel: #blenderqa

Good Luck to Ya :wink: