GameBlender: numpy crash

I experienced several crashes caused by numpy module in GameBlender script. Everything works fine when game is started for the first time, but when I stop it and run in again, Blender crashes. It’s very annoying, because I have to close and reopen Blender everytime I run game.

I don’t know, if GameBlender should be blamed for it, or numpy. I suspect GameBlender, because test script run fine, when it is executed by Alt-P. Have anybody else experienced such behaviour?

If you have installed numpy, you can try to run following script in GameBlender (add it to controller and start it by always sensor):

import numpy
x = numpy.arange(10)

Run the game (by pressing P), stop it (by Esc) and then run it again. At this point it crashes.
P.S.: I’m using WinXP.