gameBlender people

(Pooba) #1

I was just reading a post about the game contest and it said that school gets in the way a lot. I was just wondering if there were any people maybe 25+ that acaully use gameBlender, or is it just kids…?


(Ecks) #2

euh…uhmm…What do you have against kids? And sorry but they are not KIDS they are Teenager!..and yes I am 23 years old…but I don’t use gameblender lol :wink:

(ndnchief) #3

Yes there are some ages other than under 21. I am 40 , have a son who is almost 14 and another who will be 3. I do use the game engine also. My current Project with Blender is an ACTION Game. Just finished all my Laser Flares, Bullets, Smoke. My next step is to figure out Life Bar, Energy Bar, Score, Stuff like that. I also use the Animation Part, and the Imaging Part. I am Cuuently working with Radiosity on the other side. Oh and IPO’s Sure come in handy for me in creating games. My son (NDNWarrior) also used Blender Publisher, We both are Foundation Members. So yes there are a few of us (Oldies) out there.

NDNChief, Middle aged, but young at heart…

(Peter) #4

I’m 26, have a dayjob and working with gameblender as often as I can.

(idefix) #5

Another 25+ GameBlender user who tries doing some fancy realtime, interactive animations like a VJ but no games…


(doogs) #6

21 Here, I spend lots of free time playing with the engine, I again invite all of you guys to check out #gameblender on the – you really should come in! We can discuss everything! If we’re idle then it only means we will be back, so please check in :slight_smile:


(OmegaPrime1) #7

I’m 25 , married and use gameblender once a week when i can. Being a
family man doesn’t leave me alot of time on the gameblender.

(lizard809) #8

im 18, with no school or job, so im ready to make a good game for the contest

(Abracsis) #9

im 18. I wouldn’t say i’m a kid. Nah your right. i am :stuck_out_tongue:


(gargola) #10

26 here and love the game engine,it still needs a lot of improvements like saving and loading options(WITHOUT USING PYTHON! LOL :smiley: ) that’s why i’m taking a break on game making.and that other annoying thing about the objects that reappear when you return to a scene(ugh annoying!LOL)…i think you should be able to choose wich objects you want to “re-appear” on the scene and wich don’t and some to hold their positions…i mean… when the character enters a house goes to another scene(inside the house) then when you go out of the house,the character “appears”(in the previous scene) in front of the door,not at the start of the stage,in the woods at the other side of the mountains like 6 or 10 miles away from the town(you know what i mean). anyway enough with that LOL. i should be happy with those things fixed :smiley: (and the saving and loading options) LOL :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :smiley: 8)

ps: now…were is that “wish list for blender” topic? :smiley:

(Pooba) #11

Hey, i’m probably the youngest one here, i’m 14 and i have nothing agianst kids, i was just wondering because the only people i know their age and they do gameblender are 16-18.


(iconjunky) #12

27 and really like messin with the gameengine. (But theres noracin` genre for the competition! :frowning: ) Which is what i kinda like most!

(Tsalagi Red) #13

how about 54? am i the oldest gameblender user?

(ndnchief) #14

HEY RED>Man, I am Middled Aged, and your still old enough to be my Father. LOL. We should start a New Forum for the Geriatric Blender Heads, LOL…
I was born and Raised in Redding CA. Been to Portland many times growing up. Used to go Skiing alot at Mt Bachealor, (SPELLING)? and AShland. I love Northern California, and miss it alot. No Mountains here in So. Florida, UGH!!!

The NDN…

(ineedanewbi) #15

im 16, tons of school crap to do,
i use blender when i get a change

i started using it almost 2 years ago, when i was 14 or 15

(snowy_duck) #16

accualy since we all use blender arn’t we all kids at heart?

14 3/4 years of age

(Pooba) #17

Wow snowy_duck, i’m 14 1/2, we’re pretty close!

But i’m still the youngest :stuck_out_tongue:


(jrt) #18

Hi Pooba,

              Didn,t like to metion it before as I thought I might be considered over the hill for this kind of stuff. I,m 64!!! next month and love the Game Engine. I like the rest of Blender of course, but the Game Engine is where my main interest lies. I've only got into computers since I turned 60, It's not so easy to learn when you get to this age but I'm not giving up yet!

Cheers, jrt.

(saluk) #19

Very impressive jrt!

You must be young at heart. I’m 18 and have been blendering for nearly 3 years now, but i don’t think I really got into it until the game engine came out.

(ineedanewbi) #20

ive used blender for about 2 years now

im 16, i started using it on version 2.12… i think

im suprized by the large age range of blender users… from young teens to older folks… (no offense to anyone)

nice to know a little about everyone