Gameblender People

Well its that time of the year again (well no not really but i wanted to post this)
For those of you havent been here that long, every few months or so someone posts a Gameblender People topic. Not really related to anytihng that has to do with makin games but helps to get to know people in the gameblender comunnity

Here is my little bio

Name: Bruk Habtu
Age: 15
Location: Toronto Canada
Years of blender use: 4 (started using blender when the ckey died, i thought it was 5 but Woodan/MNME corrected me)

Love blender, first heard about it when my friends older brother started to make games. I cant model at all though, more of a programmer.

Name: Hiahci
Age: 16
Location: Texas, USA
Years of blender use: 4

i dont ever remember seeing one of these topics =\

name: chris j. classified
age: 19
location: g-14 classified
years of blender use: 4, near 5 i think

gameblender is the only area of 3d that still inspires me to keep creating… without being able to create interactive content with blender i think i would have quit 3d years ago. high poly just doesnt do anything for me, but low poly, and texturing, and all realtime stuff is so much more interesting… my flame remains kindled

Name: Nathan van Hulst
Nickname: jd-multi
Born at: 26-07-1984
Location: N-Beijerland, The Netherlands
Years of Blender use:
I think 3 years now, I used blender 2.23 for the first time. Afther trying many tutorials, I learned it. 1.5 years later, I tried for the first time to use the game engine. In these day I’m modeling low-poly models for games, texturing them, and still learn the game engine. I also use Blender for high poly use, but I really can’t make cool materials, someone need to help me with that.

Idea’s with blender:
My big wish is, making things with blender like @andy does, and making a full game with blender.

name: Chuck
age: 20
location: Colorado
I’ve been using blender since 2.14(never even knew how to use a computer before then:)
and have been using the game engine for about a year or so…

Name: Adam Wiseman
Age: 20
Location: British Columbia, Canada (49° 8’ N, 116° 4’ W)
Years of blender use: Since 2.14, don’t remember when that was.

[EDIT] Info updated Oct. 12, 2004.

Name: Matthew Sommerfeldt

Age: 25

Location: BC, Canada

Years Blending: About 2 and a half now i think.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Name: Chris …

Nickname: used to be rep-re-creator but the man made it shorter

Age: 16

Location: England, UK

I’ve been using blender for about 2 years or something

Yep thats about it…

Name: Henrik - family name classified
Age: 13
Location: Estonia, Tallinn
Years of Blender use: about 4 years, I think…
I only like the gameengine, but the rendering stuff is cool too…

Name: Keith
Age: 20
Location: England, UK
Used blender for: about 4 years

I’ve been makin amateur computer games for years and years… Now running an amateur game design studio called Gorgan Studios.

Name:Jonas.K.F.R :smiley:
Age: 13
Location: Norway
Used blender for: 6 years .

Name : Sandra Gilbert
Age : 35
Location : Boise, Idaho, USA
Been using blender for about 3.5 years

Name : Dhameer
Age : 14
Location : Scotland, UK
Been using blender for around 2.5 years

Name: Koby Flichtman
Nickname : Koby
Age: 23 in exactly 2 weeks from today !
Location: Haifa, Israel
Years of Blender abuse: 4.5 years (even before the c-key !)
Thinks blender is the best app in the world: [x] Yes [ ] No
Totally mad with severe mental disorders: [x] Hell, yeah !! [ ] what ?!
Occupation during the last WHOLE year: Nothing
Loves making games with blender (1-10 scale): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 [10]
Tends to write alot of stupid things: [x] oops [ ] what ?!?!
Will now stop to write stupid things: [x] yes …

Name: Federico Caceres
Age: 18 for a month and something…
Location: Asuncion, Paraguay (South America)
Years using Blender: 4+
(that I remember… when did the first of all Blender 2.x come out? I first downloaded 1.86 and a week or so later got Blender 2)

You won’t see any of my games cuz… cuz… I am too lazy as to get something done. Nonetheless, I have TONS of unfinished projects in my HDD, maybe one day I will get back to work on them.

Name: Corey Rice
Age: 16
Location: Kentucky :expressionless:
Years using blender…close to 2 years.

TomorrowMan’s tha name(or corey, whatever…) and making games is the…erm…game…i cant get enough of it, whenever i try to start some sort of cool animation project or a big series of renders or something i always get sucked back into making the games…im an art making machine(ie, models, textures, anims.) but i couldnt write code if my life depended on it :slight_smile: , although im ok at logicbricks…

Totally mad with severe mental disorders:

[X]hey, my padded room is swanky 8) . [ ]no…

NAME: Josiah
AGE: 13
LOCATION: Maryland

name: barry clark

age: 33 (i feel old)

location: perth, western australia

years using blender: nearly 2 years (started just before nans bankruptcy)

current projects:
mystmod - myst based game/world creation
ourhouse - third person exploration/adventure

comments: blender has taken over my life - please help me…

Name: Harvey

Location: Alexandria Bay, NY ( )

Years in Blender: nearly 3, took about 6 months off once :frowning:

hi my name is harvey and i have a blending problem… wait this aint
BA (Blenders Anonymous…)

I’m here to make games and chew bubble gum

Name: 01001001 SYSTEM ERROR

Age: Somewhere between 0 and 999 (Not quite sure)

Years using blender: 2.1

Rating of blender: 10/5

Yeah. :slight_smile: