gameBlender & Python Docs

(Adam) #1

Sad that NAN is gone, its been almost a year since this happened again!

I sure they’ll be back in a month like last time - business is business and if you know anything about going bankrupt this is way they have to do it. Until then hold tight and keep blending.

Now has anyone got the gameBlender docs that Carsten wrote? I should’ve downloaded them but when you have a cable connection and never think of these things > I am not talking about the PDF that you could buy - just the HTML pages that were here: or something close to that.

Also i am looking for the python docs that were on the Blender site too -

If anyone has them or a link to a alternative site can you can email me with this info, would be much appreciated!

thanks and take care!
adam - [email protected]

(untitled) #2

I have the python API for blender downloaded (both the site and the PDF’s)
The Site is 9 MB, but I’ll send you the PDF’s (about 0.5 MB)

(untitled) #3

It will be nice if you will be able to upload them somwere and link to it for evryone can download them

(SirDude) #4

Email it to me and I’ll put it on my site.
([email protected])

(Adam) #5

Thanks for sending the python docs - please do not send python docs - I am still looking for the gameBlender docs -