GameBlender tilting physics

(Lord Taten) #1

I have been trying to work a little in GameBlender over the last 6 or so months (but I don’t have any tutorials so it’s kinda difficult). Um… this iss a rather complex question and I don’t know exactly how to ask it but here goes…
When moving a character along a horizontal plane that has a hill, how do you put in the “physics” for the character to tilt with the floor? I may have not said this quite clearly but I hope someone can understand it. :smiley: Any help would be great, thx.

(blengine) #2

ROTFH is what u want to turn on on your dynamic actors settings… this mean he will rotate depending on the face he is standing on =)
u will also need to edit some of the floors dynamic material settings
below is a demo
select the floor to see its material properties:

FH NORM is on- i dunno what this does, lol

FH damp- the damping of the tilting… EX: 0 damp = super springy tilt

FH dist- the distance in which the actor will tilt EX: FH dist = .5(when actor is 0.5 distance away from ramp, he will tilt)

Restitution- bouncyness of collisions

Friction - EX: 0 = ice

FH force- the amoutn of tilt force the actor will receive

heres the .blend of the demo:

press UP to skate forward down the ramps 8)

see ya