(Lord Taten) #1

I was wondering if anyone knew where i could find Gameblender tutorails cuz all the links are to and that 90 page good tutorail but it alwase says “all downloads have ben stopped till further notice”. thx to anyone who can help me at all.

and i was also wondering if anyone knew any other way to animate Gameblender characters other then “stop frame” animations. i have tried
to use bone structs in my chars but then when i go to game blender and press the assigned key to make the char animate it just stands there. and when i try to parent the part (you know like lower leg is the child of the top part of the leg and so on) but even if i have locked each and every frame and the animation looks great in the preview, but then when i run Gameblender it makes certain parts jump around very badly. i am at quite a loss here so if anyone would spare sum time and help me :slight_smile: that would be fantastic.

(OTO) #2

Try those tutorials here:

Maybe they’ll be helpfull
If you have questions, just ask :slight_smile: