Gameboy advance

This is my second serious model that i worked with it’s a simple gameboy advance i want constructive criticism, i like it very much and i think it’s nice for a second model that i really tried to make good.

ha, thats fun. i would suggest a little work on the buttons.(to this is finished projects) overall, very nice

It looks like there are too man tri’s.

yeah, around the edge of the screen, i just noticed that

Vote please =D

The image of the game needs to not be blurred like that. Your modelling looks pretty messy, I noticed some crinkles and stuff.

Shouldn’t the power light give off… light? Also, I reccomend remoddeling the arrowpad. And try using SubSurf next time you model.

Very very nice modelling. Could I suggest using a hemi light, then having a spotlight that only casts shadows? That way you can have soft, not complelety black shadows!

Apart from needing improvement on lighting though, very nice work!


Thanks for all replys and constructive criticisms i will try figure out how to use lightning in a good way and such stuff and i don’t know how to model with subsurf i just thought it was meant as a smoothing device or something like that.

subsur is a modfier in the modifier stacks. it smooths and subdivides. great for organic/smooth models

Nice work! Play a bit with ambient occlusion and try subdiv modeling.