gameboy original DEMO

Hi im working on a new demo/simulator thing for playing original gameboy and gameboy color games in blender

ive already started modeling for the original gameboy


Nice I’ll be following this thread.

thanks alot.:slight_smile:

Cool! But I think you can put a LOT more detail into the gameboy without worry, like 3d buttons, etc.

yeah im still workin on it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey man,
it looks good so far and adding some more 3d depth in it will defenetly look even better!

It’s cool but how exactly are you going to emulate gameboy games in blender?

lol funny i thought of the same thing… but only with an ipod =p

thats gonna be the fun part :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL true ^^
u could ad some kool things like a short circuit on the top of the console something like this
|–^^^^^^^^–| so it would turn the game more interactive ,btw i sense that it sounds like a corny idea ,am i wrong?(hope so lol)