GameCube/Console Cluster/Render Farm?

Would there be any point?

I just found this amazing video:

They’re all PS3’s, but obviously getting a dozen PS3’s is a tad expensive for the hobbyist.

Now cheap, used GameCube’s on the other hand…

But would it be worth it?

I’m asking because I found an article about using older PC’s as a render farm. The basic point was that a dozen or so cheap, old computers used as render nodes was better than a few extremely powerful systems (cost wize).

Here’s the article, I’m sure some of you have seen it before:

The main problem I can see with the gamecubes is how the heck to hook them up???

Perhaps there’s a better console alternative, or wait 5 years for the PS3’s to be old. :\

I assume the PS3 will be running linux, which the new slim versions and latest firmware prevents working so you’ll need old PS3s that haven’t been updated.

Um, the op is about the GameCube.

But ya I remember hearing about that firmware update.

Seems like a bad business move; Sony could probably make a profit in the scientific market couldn’t they?

EDIT: OH, what about the PS2?