GameDeployer 1.2 finished!

(S_W) #1

I know it’s been a long time since I promised to make a program that will create single exe files, but now it is ready!

Look here:


  • Create single exe files (standalone or for systems where Blender is installed)
  • You can include different Blender releases, so that you can also distribute your old games.
  • You can use your own icons for the exe file.
  • You can inlude all files your blend file needs within the exe file.
  • You can change the screen resolution while playing the game.
  • You can compress the executable and reduce the file size up to 40%.

Here is the link:

There are two files. Download them and follow the instructions on the website.

Have fun! :smiley:

(Pooba) #2

Link doesn’t seem to work, i’ll try later though.

(S_W) #3

Now it seems to work.

(gargola) #4

great! i’m going to download it right now! :stuck_out_tongue:

(gargola) #5

nope! the 2 links on your page are not working! :frowning:

(saluk) #6

Doh, he ran out of bandwidth. HATE it when that happens! You ought to set up a site at iptic:)

(gargola) #7

i agree…bandwith limit sux! it’s so dificult to find a good server! SW,looks like you need to change server. :wink:

(S_W) #8

What server do you suggest me?..I’d be glad to have only 10 MB without a file size limit! :frowning:

(joecool) #9

pm acasto

(gargola) #10

S_W: hey what’s up? i tried downloading the files …from 4MB it stopped downloading on 496 kb.then checked the folder and the folder was empty. :frowning:

(joecool) #11

redownload it. It works GREAT! No other files or anything! awesome job man! how do you make your own icons? Is there a program or what?

(gargola) #12

bandwith problems again! shoot! i’m always late! :frowning:

(joecool) #13

if you get on msn while you are online, I will send you the file :slight_smile:

(saluk) #14

Well, now that I could finally download it, it seems to be very polished and functional. No real problems I can see, except that fullscreen dont work on my XP but thats a blender or microsoft problem, not a problem with your program. Great work!

(wiseman303) #15

Awsome program! Works like a dream, and very nice interface.

(jrt) #16

Great program! Works very well. Makes life a lot easier.
Wish I had your talent! Thank’s a lot.

(S_W) #17

I use Microangelo. It’s the best “icon” program I’ve ever seen. It’s a 30 day limited application though.

(nozzy) #18

It works a treak S_W, but one small gnich is that after i’ve ran a game thats been compiled in “Game Deployer” it drags my screen freq down to 60 htz ? :-?

This happened with previous versions but you got rid of it in the last one, but it seems to have sneaked back again :frowning:

(S_W) #19

:o :o :o
Damn, the refresh rate will always be the worst problem…I’ll try to remove this bug…hopefully :wink:

(S_W) #20

Here is the next release, which inludes some improvements and bugfixes (but not the refresh rate bug :frowning: )