gamedev - (help needed)

Hi blenderheads!:slight_smile: Since this is my first post few things about me. I am 22 y.o. and I’m studding cs, I am interested in cg and programming.

I am making a chicken invaders like game and I need help with non-programming part of the game.

Current development state (screenshots):

  1. This is demo user interface (grass made with Fibers).
  2. Game editor (yellow and blue curve are “fly in paths” and “fly abound paths”) and window is not finished enemy conf window.
    3,4) version 1 level prototype (I didn’t like (texturing,…) it so I started v2
    5,6) version 2 level still unfinished

I am programmer (not an artist:(), I started using blender because it is open source and would like to join development team one day, so I need to know how it works.
I need help with artistic part of the game: modeling enemies, level backgrounds, etc…
I am still not sure how to release it, but it would surly be free for all members.

(sorry for bad english)


Hi, I’m a fairly competent blender artist and I’m interested in developing games as well, sadly, i’m a horrible programmer. :slight_smile: Message me about what you’re game is like and what you’re thinking about, I’d be glad to help.

I’m currently at college so my work schedule is fluid.

There’s a lot of real-world and reference stuff you can look at to get an idea of how things should look. Hire a copy of Ardman’s Chicken Run. It’d be a great reference for metal roof sheeting and wooden walls etc. Do am inage search on google on “Chicken” and look at all the results.

I’d be a bit concerned if you’re using fibre to create grass for a game. One of the things that drives game speeds down is too many faces. You might want to find a tileable grass texture on the 'net someware or take a photo of grass into Gimp and make it tileable (Plenty of links around on doing this.)

Having said that - The farmhouse looks fantastic and you’ve got a really great stylised look about everything. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

ps: Check out the new Game Engine tutorials at

(Edit) Compilation of images coming soon.

Thank you for your ideas Ammusionist, but I think that Mornstar and I are going to write some original story. So we are not going to use chickens for the game. ( but eating them would not be a problem;)

Yes, I used fibers for creating a texture. I am not using blender’s game engine. I wrote little 2d engine, that operates only with textures. I think that it is suitable for this kind of project to achieve both speed and high quality graphics.

Thanks for comments, I hope we will complete the project.

I would like to publicly thank Mornstar for joining me on this project. It will be vary nice to work with such gifted artist.