on why you should not attempt to make an MMO

It’s not an exhausting read by any means, but lays out all of the critical and important points for people who are of the “I’m gonna make an MMO” type that are quite common in some GE-oriented communities and why they’re probably going to set themselves up for failure if they actually start trying to make one.

And this coming from an actual MMO dev. that works for a large studio. So if you’re new to the world of game creation and want to make that MMO you’ve been dreaming of, be aware of the reality that is in this article for I’ve seen more than enough dreams on this forum falling onto the rocks because that dream was to make an MMO.

So should you attempt to make an MMO, especially as a first project? Read and find out.

Hey AceDragon for a semi-beginner what would you say would be a good game type project to try to make?

I’m not really sure why newer game developers like MMO’s so much - they usually seem so stale and non-interactive. The action is usually pretty light (just keep mashing a single button or clicking the mouse), and the gameplay seems a bit linear (go kill a monster or go talk to a character). Maybe it’s just me - I haven’t really played an MMO (RPG) before (though I have played other types of online games). Anyway, I would also not recommend starting out with an MMO, since you probably won’t finish it.

@zbryanz - If you know Python, pretty much any game is going to have challenges that can be addressed with Python. If you don’t, you’re limited more-so to physics-based games (or lower-quality other types of games).

Lol yea I am not sure either I am new and I never even thought about making an MMO I knew that it would be WAY to hard and I am not even sure if the blender engine was made for making huge MMO’s.

Yea but Python seems like it is REALLY hard to learn, I tried making games off of logic bricks and I didn’t get very far and couldn’t go very in depth at all so I am trying to learn python but it is pretty complicated since I know nothing at all about programming. I saw a few tutorials but they confused me and not sure if there is something else I need to learn first.

Luckily for me, I’ve never wanted to create an MMO, I like one player games.

Yea same it is just a big waste of time trying to make one, anyways single player games are much cooler, and you can go much more in-depth with them.

I totally agree with fayt. Why make a multiplayer game when you can just get good at this stuff and then join a game studio which has a guy who’s whole job is to do the whole multiplayer stuff in games?

I can answer this:

It is a subjective answer as usual.

The easy genres:

  • puzzle solving games
  • labyrint games

Keep in mind this can become complicated too. The amount of required assets can be very high. Plan accordingly.


  • racing
  • shooting
  • adventure (the amount of work can be very high)


  • RPG
  • RTS

Finally it all depends how much details you want to add and what features you want to get.
Each additional feature adds a new level of comlexity.

MMO is “just” a specific feature not really a genre.

You can create a MMO-Puzzle game too. So you get the simplizity of a Puzzle game logic with the complexity of a MMO.


I would say that u should begin with some puzzle games. no offence ,mate, but i too considered myself a semi-beginner having made one or two puzzle games and thought that i might be able to make a small fps for my school exhibition (yes the same one i asked for ur help on). that’s now in the locker , to be worked on when i have time. for the exhibition i am working on a game having to do with solving mazes.:o