Ratings & Reviews

Hi Everyone!

I just completed a major upgrade to my game dev resource site. I hope the community finds this useful. Official announcement:

The Ratings & Reviews system is now live! Please stop by and rate your favorite books, engines, libraries, and other tools.

At the heart of the new system is the Total Score, which is calculated using both the average rating and product popularity. Read more about the Total Score here.

A number of other features have been added since launch. Highlights:

  • The database now includes more than 2000 books, engines, libraries, and other tools
  • In Books, sort by either Total Score or Date Published
  • There are now more categories in Engines/Libraries
  • There is now a full directory option in Engines/Libraries
  • Tools->Physics now has four categories
  • Tools->File Management has expanded to eight categories
  • Tools->Audio now has two categories
  • Perl and JavaScript have been added to Books->ProgrammingAbout

GDT was created to provide a one-stop resource of available tools for game developers everywhere. While there are many great resources currently available, few are kept up to date, and nowhere can you browse every category in one place.

The website houses an ever-expanding database with links to more than 2000 books, engines, libraries, and other tools. Our goal is to be as comprehensive as possible, and in that vein I encourage visitors to contact us with submissions, corrections, suggestions, or questions.

Nice site. Bookmarked. Can you add “sort” function on each category please? It’ll be great.

Looks pretty good, but I don’t think you’ll draw a large crowd from here unless you add Blender to the tools section…

xibalba: Thanks! Per the sort, this is on my to-do list. Were you thinking alphabetical as well as rank?

Dim: Thanks much! Blender is definitely listed, and it could use a few ratings ;). Just type Blender into the Tools search bar or click 3D Graphics, or even click 3D Animation, and it will come up sorted by Total Score, then Average Rating, and then finally alphabetically. Once I implement the idea above, sorting alphabetically will be another option.

Absolutely both and of course the price. :o

why is blender a graphics engine and not a game engine?

Hey Sim,

Thanks for the correction!

The difference can sometimes be a gray area, but judging from the feature list on the main site, it seems I definitely mis-categorized it. Also, whatever the creators and users think is gospel as far as I’m concerned.

Listing updated. :slight_smile: