GameGadget: Open Source handheld gaming device

Game Gadget
Claims to be an Open Source handheld gaming device.
So I thought I’d share this:

Does anyone know if this is something we can publish games on with BGE?
Or anyone even heard about this device?

Product Information
GameGadget the “Go Anywhere - Play Everything” games console. Built alongside a revolutionary software service (GameGadgetGames), GameGadget offers Gamers, Game Developers and Game Publishers, unrivaled choice and flexibility in how they play, create and sell games.
GameGadget has been created to allow Gamers to purchase legal and secure downloads of their favourite games through an iTunes style application onto a single portable device.
Each GameGadget is capable of playing over 100,000 classic titles across multiple platforms from the early years of gaming to more recent time. A GameGadget is also a powerful multimedia device capable of storage and playback of audio, video, e-books and photos.
You can expand the internal memory of your GameGadget with additional SD Memory cards that work seamlessly with your GameGadget allowing you to carry thousands of games around in your pocket.
All GameGadget’s come with a 12 month warranty, USB Charge/transfer cable and rechargeable battery.

Hardware specs:
CPU core: 433mhz dual core CPU

Internal Ram: 64MB RAM / 2GB Flash RAM
Input: D-Pad, 2 shoulder, 4 face, Start, Select & Reset buttons
Outputs: Stereo Speakers, Headphones Jack & TV-out
Display: 3.5” LCD
Screen Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels resolution (16 BIT colour)
Battery: Li-Ion (rechargeable)
Additional Storage: SD/SDHC
Connectivity: Micro USB
Dimensions: 140 W x 75 H x 16 D (mm)

Some developer info:

These kinds of things are very interesting, but I don’t know why they keep making 'em with such small power and so few buttons. The GP2X Caanoo’s been out for two years this August (I think) and is pretty good on power. It’s also got a microphone, gyroscope, touchscreen, comes with a stylus (no way! :p), runs Linux, and has a 533 MHZ ARM processor. It’s pretty good.

(Not my picture, by the way; linked from

An old video showcasing it.

Not capable to play Blender games on it 'till someone ports the player, though. Same with the GameGadget, I’d assume. However, if the GameGadget is truly open-source, then maybe it’ll have a spot as an option for a open-source console.

Very cool! I wonder how well a software renderer would perform on one of these.
If someone succeeds in porting the blenderplayer, perhaps they could consider an ARM port too :stuck_out_tongue:

There is also (the very pricy) OpenPandora which looks amazing and as you can tell by its title, the system is also opensource, I would get it if it wasn’t for the price.

Yeah, the Pandora’s open-source as well, but the price is kind of too high. I’ve also heard some pretty bad things about the wait - I believe some people have been waiting years after payment for their console to be made and shipped. I also heard that people who pay more than the price will get their games first - interesting idea to help fund production for everyone, but that also is a bit unfair for those who placed their orders on day 1.

EDIT: I think the Pandora might run a real Linux distribution, though, so Blender games should work fine (?) on them.

Yeah, that’s too bad. There really should be a nice open-source handheld out there…

Why don’t those manufacturers include the developers (more?) in their decision making…
One good device and I bet that all BGE developers who see a chance will try to make their game for that device.

To win a race, you need to make sure that you have developers onboard who produce games.
And yes, the pricing and hardware should fit the current standards, to be able to survive.
Ubuntu TV maybe? Would be awesome to have a TV which at the same time is the game console! And this might even be possible seen that it runs on Ubuntu???

I have heard of this about 2yrs ago but I thought my big sis was pulling my leg… Guess I was wrong… As for the BGE idk, your have to buy this then test it out… :? And as for why they keep making game systems so small, small is more likely to get more profits due to the fact that it is a portability product.

I didn’t mean “Why do they keep making game systems so small,” but “why do they keep making game systems so weak?” What I mean is that there’ve been a lot of these portable media / game systems in recent years, and they’ve not really gotten better from year to year. The Chinese PMPs generally stay around the same CPU and RAM levels, and even GPH’s line of open-source handhelds hasn’t really improved from year to year, spec-wise.

BGE on handheld gaming devices would be cool.
It is ARM isnt it? that means we’d require blenderplayer to be ported to that cpu architecture and it’d require opengl support especially the GLSL(?). Yes we do have a chance since it’s opensource and blender game engine code is open source as well.

I am sure a lot of game developers here working on a BGE project would love to be able to support such (a) device(s).
And maybe we need to let the manufacturers know we exist, so they can try to work towards us for their own (and our mutual) benefit.

@SolarLune: I agree with you, the devices do not seem to build as actual dedicated machines, they seem to launch it as a lottery ticket,… small investment, but no real dedication to make everything work, until it has proven itself financially healthy.
But IMO this is not the best approach to make something like this have a chance of survival at all.

They need to include Open Source developers in the process and make sure the hardware meets the demands of the near future. To be able to have a chance of offering anything worth dedicating your time and invest any money into.

I know right? I’d rather take my new free unity license and make something for one of these bad boys.

Unfortunately not open-source and sound like it’ missing a gyro (or some rotation sensor) and possibly bluetooth but it’s just as powerful as my HTC Desire.
This one is more powerful.
I’m not sure but it looks like they might even have joysticks.

Shameless psp ripoffs I know but I dont have any respect for sony anymore anyway. Not even enough to capitalize their names.

But since we are talking about open-source stuff and are two that I`m looking at.

edit… Okay, apparently they do have g-sensors.

For any new coming devices, it wouldn’t be so bad to keep informing everyone here, so we might be able to steer a bit into theright direction every now and then.
And who knows a good solid reliable device might support Blender one day… :smiley: