Gamekit, Blender and GPL doubts

Okey Guys i have a few doubts with these 3 things ,i tried to read the sticky post of gamekit but i didnt find the answers , so lets start with an example so i can understand whats going on here.

Okey lets supose that i make a tetris like game in blender and i have my .blend file, this game is still mine from what i understand and i can sell it, but if i make a standalone game using blender it have to adhere to the GPL and i cant sell it, now what happens if i export and compile my .blend file using gamekit , then does the game become my property again and doesnt have to adhere to the gpl?

The GPL only applies when the .blend is made by merging the BlenderPlayer.exe and the program output ie .blend

But you can still sell the game along with blenderplayer if you use a .bat file to load the .blend to the blenderplayer

The .blend is your property and you can sell it, you can even sell blenderplayer, but the source code of blenderplayer has to be shown if someone asks.

The gamekit require you not to shown source if its made a shared library.
Other than that its similar licences.


Actually, like Karakasimov already said, you are allowed to sell your game with the blenderplayer, BUT you have to make it available under the GPL conditions.
Read the FAQ at :wink:

Well, the original idea of gamekit was to give game developers the freedom to sell their game without having to release it under gpl license (unless you want it to).