GameKit|Delay problem

Hello everyone,
I have created a simple game, and it’s include:
-4 Arrows to move the character.
When you press one of the arrows the character moves in that direction.
But here is the problem:
There is a delay between the press on one of the arrows and the move of the character and I am always need to press again on it or on another arrow to make the character move.

It sounds like you’re doing something in the wrong order. You may be trying to move the character before you set the direction you need to move instead of the other way around. I can’t tell you much more without seeing your code/logic brick setup.

I am setting up arrows and in the logic brick there is:
mouse over and mouse left click connected to a message, the character get the message and move(message that connected to a motion).
I can specify the problem and say that the problem is that when you touch an arrow you will have to touch 1 more time anywhere on the phone screen to see the motion.

I have no idea how the hacked mouse control in, it may be a feature of touchscreen Vs mouse

a mouse you are moving the cursor,

a touchscreen the pointer “snaps” to where your finger is, maybe 1 -click = move, 2-click=click?

easy way to check?

mouseover-------and-------add item “highlight” from another layer

mouseOver = creates white box

Click+mouse over= creates red box

what happens on first click?

if they move the pointer on click 1- it should turn white on first click and red on second,
and thus your problem is highlighted for you.


MouseOverAndClick.blend (474 KB)

I fixed it. Now there is another problem:
When I touch an arrow the character move good but when I press the screen one more time the character move another time(simple motionX2).
What can I do?

are you using dynamic or static?

Err, if you would both read the title, this seems to be a problem he’s having in the Blender GameKit and not the BGE (which is a completely different engine that can read Blender’s logic bricks).

So it may not be a BGE issue, I think the best way to go is to ask this on the GameKit website since this is for the built in game engine.

There is no help in gamekit forum