gamekit or bpplayer assistance, payment on successful implement


Im having some trouble utilizing either of these resources.

I am open to either one, whichever you have experience with.

I cant give out any blend files, so what i propose is that we get on yahoo or some other chat client and spend an hour or two going through the process step by step.

Theres little docs for either of these and i really do need to get one working.

Only thing is that bpplayer seems to be some sort of second engine and they are adding things like logic bricks which leads me to believe until its finished, there could be functionality problems with the resulting game.

this is not acceptable and id rather just not do it if thats the scenario for bpplayer.

gamekit seems to be a plugin. but i wouldnt know the first thing of what to do apart from add the plugin.

my entire game 13 months work is set in blender 2.65

let me know your required payment for this consulting and if successful i will be delighted to make your payment.

Reads quite a bit like deferred pay. Moved from “Paid Work” to “Volunteer Work”

Please PM if you feel this move is in error.