Gamekit text texture?

Hiya kids…
I’ve been looking and learning with the blender gamekit. In one of the demos, they have a plane, with a texture on it that does text. Can someone please fill me in on this wonderful thing?

ah, you mean the old text on the plane trick. ok, this is a little more complicated than you might imagine, but this is what you have to do. first you have to download a special blend ( if you ask in the game engine forum someone will know where to find it ) then, you have to run the included script in a very specific way. there are instructions in the blend file. what it does is makes a special tga file that acts as a font. then you have to set up the plane. i can’t remember exactly at the moment but i have an example in a room i made. again though, someone in the game forum will know more about this. best to ask in there.
<edit> also, someone will probably have a couple of standard ones premade. i have one, but it’s a font that i custom made, so probably not the right flavor.

thanks modron, I ended up just appending the plane from the demo file. Seems way overly complicated though… :stuck_out_tongue: