Does any1 know where i can get blender gamekit free? I already donated money to the blender foundation before I found out you had to pay for the manuals and don’t see why I should have to pay again!

i donated as well as bought the manuals. if you need any help you can ask on here or the irc chat channels. That’s how I learned 75% of stuff.


:smiley: Yes dude! Listen to Doogs. Welcome to school! Elysiun is a huge Data bank. Here you can find a lot answers and very nice tutorials and it is all for free. We are always learning togheter over here. Don’t have to worry!

Where can I find the tutorials then? The ones I found on this site mostly didn’t work and were followed by loads of entries saying they didn’t work and Blengine has disappeared! <<(wait for a while he is refreshing today)

Try this ones. I hope you enjoy.

Here’s a link with a LOT of tutorials and game demos.

which tutorials are most helpful?

Forget the “most helpfull”. When you decide to study forget the “where iam going to use that?”.
This way things start to get boring. :wink: Instead, look at this lists we have talk about and find what is the most motivanting thing for you to do. Like: “WOW look that! Thats cool! I need to learn how to make that because i feel myself closer to it.”