GameLogic global.dict

Hello there im wondering how to use
Save gamelogic globel dict and load.

when i save, a file with the same name gets in the directory
but when i load
nothing happens

i have tryed to open it in blender text editor

hvat should i do?

Have added something to the dict?
By the way the name is GameLogic.globalDict


i don’t understand


use forum search. It was discussed many times and there are several examples in resources subforum

Lets say you have a prop called life and you want to save it in the dict for the next level.

All you would need to do is go like this: (Note: You will need to define the object own as the owner of the controller that the script is attached to.)

GameLogic.globalDict["LIFE"] = own['life']

Then when you want to load that, all you have to do is go:

own['life'] = GameLogic.globalDict["LIFE"]

Its pretty much that simple.

By the way, how much do you know about python? If its not a lot I would suggest that you take some simple basic tutorials on lists and dictionarys, because dictionarys are actually quite impressive.

EDIT: Here is the link to the API. LINK

What I do not understand is how I should add python script,
because I do not understand …

Hi! you can not either give me an explanation with a video or something?

Dear Blender-kid,

do not feel ignored. THis is in fact very friendly community. I understand you are just 11 years old. There are several kids like you here. Just be patient, making games is not easy. You have to put dedicated efforts for a year to start getting used to blender and BGE. For the start try this book:

As for videos - try search in youtube and vimeo. THere are a lot introductory tutorials there. Also,I really advise you learn using search on forum. No matter how small you are it is very annoying when people ask the same questions again and again. IF you ask something basic for sure there is already an answer in some thread here.

Wish you best of luck!

See this thread for using globalDict: