GameLogic not found! (sry, newbie ;) )

hi all,
i was just trying out BEG, but ran into a problem when it came to scripting:
when i was trying to import the interpreter couldn’t find it.
same for all 3 BEG-modules (GameLogic, GameKeys ,Rasterizer).
i was searching my computer and googled all the net, but nowhere can i find these modules. maybe they are coded into blender?
i’m sure i’ts a noobish mistake i make, can anybody give me a hint?

thx alot

PS: running blender 2.45 windows xp install


You propably are not executing the gameengine, but try to run the script with alt-P ?

This does not compute :wink:

1.) create an empty
2.) keep it selected
3.) go to the Logic Panel (F4)
4.) add a sensor (first column)
5.) change it to keyboard (click on always and select keyboard from the drop-down) , and set a key of your choice
6.) add a controller (second column)
7.) change it to Python and enter the exact script name (name in the text editor)
8.) connect the two dots of sensor and controller
9.) mouse over any 3d window
10.) hit p

thats it then …

have a look at all the good game engine intro’s and tutorials to get an understanding of the GameLogic and its usage …

You can’t execute game engine script by executing them in text window, you should go through what rorschach said

thx, that did the trick :wink: