Gamepad not detected by standalone build

Hi everyone.

These last days I worked on a tiny game for the Game Audio Jam. And now it’s time for me to publish it (hopefuly before the deadline) but I encounter a bug. My gamepad (Speedlink NX) is detected both in the embedded player and the standalone player from the UI. However, once I export it via the publish addon, the standalone game does not detect the gamepad anymore.

I checked with bge.logic.joysticks to be sure and in one case I have the gamepad name (detected as XBox controller) and in the other case, there is just a list of None.

Maybe it’s a problem on my side, since I’m using Ubuntu. I’ve put a windows build and a linux build online for you to try it out.
If someone could tell me if their gamepad is detected or not, that would be great. Also any hint on what’s going on would help.

The game has no visuals, but in the menu, moving the joystick up or down should trigger some audio.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Some updates about the issue. It seems the gamepad detection works fine, at least on windows. However, still on windows, some sounds don’t play correctly.
I’m really looking for someone who could try the game and tell me how it is for them so I can update the build accordingly.

The game is now available on and gamejolt:

This is an issue with the new SDL2 library ( You can try to remove SDL2.dll from your build and replace it with SDL.dll from former (2.70 or something like that) blender versions.

Another option is to use next UPBGE 0.1 builds that come with the issue fixed