Gameplay Vid for Freak Fighter Online

Freak Fighter Online TPS MMO Game ( New Pics )
hi, so recently ive been trying to get better in python, i have decided to make a dbz styled game.
you explore a land and obtain weapons that you use to fight other chars while exploring. You fight anyone any where. this is a modern styled game but it like dbz on a different planet.

Freak Fighters - w.i.p

To create an mmo with help of blender artists.

You fight people, the more you fight the more XP points you get, your XP determines your Char’s level. If you get a high enough level you can transform, SSJ1 etc.
But to transform you have to buy the transformations with money.
You buy your clothes with money aswell as special abilities like Flight or Temporary Stealth or Pets. You train in your dojo and completing the mini game you get to upgrade your fighting skills.

the missions will involve you killing an Special NPC.
Marriage - at a certain level you can marry a char and when you delete your Char you get a special code so your “Child (other char)” can one of your abilities.

Free world - explore new lands and make a new weapon
FFA - enter an arena and fight for money
Trade - exchange items with other players
Clan War - get some other players and fight for land or abilities.
Dungeon - Defeat a series of dungeon based creatures for a bonus level.
Options - edit controls, resolution or sound.
Chat - talk to people.

So, the game basically revolves around one NPC who gives you missions, bounties etc.
Here is the pic for him ( gameplay vids coming soon)

mutants - obtain psychic powers, lightning etc
saiyans - dbz powers, easy strength and XP
Humans - can turn into power ranger-type characters and use vehicles and weapons
Changelings - can change races and obtain that races power
Bio-men - liquid characters, start at lvl40
Burnians - can do anything with flames
Maka’s - headless beasts
Titans - born with weapons, and can upgrade them anyhow
Namekians - can change in size and do ki blasts etc
Megazords - start as mech type and upgrade.
Adminites - (admin of the game) get all powers

Team needed
Modelers - Pro, noob, intermediate. any is welcome
Python scripters - Pro, noob, intermediate. any is welcome
Texturers - pro, noob, intermediate. any is welcome
Prop artists - pro, noob intermediate. any is welcome
Concept Artists - pro, noob, intermediate. any is welcome

Anyone can join :slight_smile:

Script issues
People would end up leaving the team because
They didnt learn anything while working on theyre projects.
If you part fo the team or contributed in some or
just need help with something you can use the scripts and
textures for your own projects if you give the team credit
for creation.

ive tried to make this as detailed as possible so you guys would like to join.
Here is the Gameplay vid, i dont know why it lags.

I have done , Movement, Camera Movement and ive started Ki Blasts.
I still have to fix The KI Blasts because i can only do them once.


sounds good i´ll follow this thread maybe i´ll join sometime :slight_smile:

The Vid lags for some reason, even though that’s not that high poly.

Anyone enterested in joining the Game?