GamePlay3D scene-viewer updated for Blender 2.69

The scene-viewer add-on can be used to preview your Blender scene and animations using GamePlay.
It is not a standalone add-on and requires the executable versions of gameplay-encoder and scene-viewer.

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and the repo:

Ok you are assuming the everyone knows what this GamePlay thing is. You could have put a link to it in your original post.

It took me three clicks and links to find out what it was. Here is a link that should have been included in your first post.

Thanks for pointing this out for me, SHABA1. So just to complete the missing info, in addition to the link, GamePlay3D is an open-source and free game-engine that works on most relevant platforms, including: iOS, Android, Windows and more. It is a low-level engine that does require C++ programming skills but is also lightweight and easy to build upon and deploy.
I’ve been using it for more than a month and built this add-on to optimize my workflow.