GamePython Expert? - Game Project Opening

(Abracsis) #1

Some of you know me, and more of you know Sara. We have colaborated in light of blenders promised new future to create a game. (Sorry for being away for so long)

Although I can implement scripts from previous projects where i have worked with people skilled in python creating velocity limiters and new camera actuators, neither me nor sara have the level of skill with GamePython neccessary for what we wish to accomplish, although we do realise what Python can and can’t do.

Basic Logic brick refinement/extension, plus some helpful scripts is your job if your interested, plus an y modelling, story, level crafting you also wish to do. We recommend you have at least 1GHz processor as this is the planned minimum requirements.

If interested, mail me. [email protected] or, if you have MSN even better.

Although many could fit the place, only one more team member is required, so i’ll wait a few days before responding to e-mails, unless I see a candidate fit for the job straight away.

Here is a taster of what we’ve done so far…


(S_W) #2

Saluk, where are you!? :wink:

(saluk) #3

Hehe, I’m here.

The pic looks very nice, and what a team you and sara will make!!! Sara is very good at level design, and you are a master of low-poly modelling, I think the game will turn out great. I’d be glad to help out with python, but my plate is full full full, so I am leery of joining anything:)

Any ideas of how many scripts/how much work this will require?

(SeaCigar) #4

:-? I know how you feel, Saluk.

(Abracsis) #5

The most lengthly script will be converting the logic bricks into python for efficiencies sake.
Some stuff to do with the mouse.

All scripts are likely to be reasonably easy, and not anything you’ll have to dwell over for too long. But we were looking for a team member, apose to someone that’ll write us a few scripts…

Some degree of skill can be sacrificed for enthusiasm, having new ideas about how to work the game, and cut scene implementation (in game graphics).

This is an exciting project, It shouldn’t be thought of as “Another project” (and yes, i know how many times that has been said)


If your on GMT, and have questions, get me on MSN or Yahoo messenger (addresses in first post.