gameready stylistic hair (a little finalfantasylike)

Hi everyone!
Like the title says , I am trying to create gamehair that should look the most stylistic as possible while still retaining some kind of reality. The big reference is final fantasy, a hairstyle that no blender user seems to have reached yet XD So yeah, I am very ambitious.
Once I’m done I wanna create a tutorial for it.

But oh well, first I gotta make it. Please critic as much as possible and if possible, try to come up with a solution for it. Thank you
my current model looks like this:


however, keep in mind that i think final fantasy uses hair particles, something blender game engine is not able to do :frowning:

how’s that? I read the artwork book and there’s a picture in it that definitely shows the characters with planar hair!

oh, well, it looks very much like particle hair, oh well…

The biggest problems right now are a lack of good lighting, spec and alpha maps. I would say play with the spec for the moment, good anisotropic reflections are a big part of selling hair.

ok, I played a little (a lot!) with the hair, I can only use the upper shader because the second shader affects my invisible mesh as well and I have reflections where nothing should be. I also changed the alpha map to something more transparent. But it looks still pretty bad so I guess the alpha map isn’t really good. Then I intended to lower the value of the normal map but that would mean that , even if you stand just 1m away from the character, it would be invisible. I intend to add a color map in hope that that’ll make it look better…
Oh, and here’re 2 spec versions, I dunno which looks worse, but if you can give me directions just like that on how to spec, I’d be grateful, if not, I’ll try to figure it out by myself…


I can see the improvement in the alpha. The hair strands are looking a bit thick though. Look at how fine the texured “strands” look on cloud. If you look at how thick the hair is at the moment, you could almost mistake it for wood.
Use a ramp shader to make varying ammounts of specularity along the length of the strands.

you’re probably right… gotta reshape it and add more and thinner planes… ohhh, adding the textures manually to all those planes in the udk will be so much fun coughcough* or better expectorateexpectorate*
I guess this will be pretty hard, as if that wasn’t clear from the beginning… I’ll post my results tomorrow! thank you for your help!


ok, I think I get the hang of it now, it’s getting better, and maybe if I do the rest of the face in the same style it will look better, idk… here’s the pic, I love comments of any kind!


Went a little overboard with the alpha, You shouldn’t be able to see through the thick parts of the hair ( this is most noticable around his left eye in that last render).
From far away it’s looking pretty good though. You should light the face seperately from the hair.

ok, I added some, but as for the lighting, I have no idea how to do that, never even watched a lighting tutorial XD

EDIT:Ok, there we go, by the way, I like your way of seeing the extreme detail.


Here is a 3 pt lighting tutorial:

thank you! I’ll post the results tomorrow!

ok, I’ve set up the lighting, filled the holes in the hair, and used a 3pt light setup for the hair and a hemi light for the head. I’m now editing the uv of the head but somehow every hole in the head (eyes and mouth) are circular so that makes it kinda difficult. I now know why I never do lighting, and that is , because I don’t care about it XD For me there’s not a real difference in those setups, as long as the object is visible, but seeing that tutorial guy getting all excited about his lights mad me realize that everyone else does… so if the setup looks crappy, please say it, I gotta learn how to do it properly… thank you again! this is getting better I think… So here’s the current version, still without bodytexture:


Proper lighting always makes a model look better.
So yeah now that you fixed your lighting, i think that looks better than the previous renders.

Here is another reference on lights…more conceptual though, still very good. (one picture is nsfw)

Appears quite neat - can’t see the scalp and the style is quite neat. Blue hair will always be a winner in some circles. I’m glad you are trialling this exercise, many years ago I was in the same vein, and never came up with something that suited my taste.
I think maybe if you did 5-10 styles or variations using your method, the variety of choice would go down well with anyone, and no doubt be a learning experience for all. There is a niche for “hair” engineers.

:smiley: great to hear that! Yeah I was thinking of making at least 3 other styles (a young woman, a girl and a boy( that just now was a adolescent/adult (age 21)) ). But first I need to tidy up the face UV , I think atm it’s pulling the whole impression down… And then I wanna do a tutorial, t’would be my first tut and I would then finally force myself to learn to speak proper English XD