Gamers Sanctuary

Hi there!
A project I had in mind for a couple of weeks, and finally found some time to work on it ( thanks, corona… )
The Idea was basically to set a giant Gaming-PC into an landscape with all kind of oversized featues ( for example, there are some waterfalls planned coming out of it as a Part of it’s Watercooling, maybe a Highway running through ( below the orange part ) for air-exchange ) Think the highway could actually end in a bridge at the horizon, to add more depth to the whole image.

Rendered in 1920x1080 @ 4k Samples - took about 2 hours. Guess I can blame the volume for it. Takes a bunch of samples to reduce the noise to a acceptable ammount. Noisereduction kinda ruines the sharpness too much. Any ideas to get the image less noisy without having to render for a day?

Take care!

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Added the highway and some slight changes in the trees. Added variations of trees and another model. Also added shrubs.

The noise from the volume is driving me crazy.
Right now its a simple volume scatter material. Color set to a slightly orangy grey, density 0,050, Anisotropy 0,900. What does the anisotropy-value do exactly? I guess it creates some kind of blur increasing with distance?
Max Bounces from Volumes; 128.
Step Size: 0,5m
Max Steps; tried everything from 1024 to 4096.
Are there some more settings i can adjust to get rid or at least reduce the noise of the volume?

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Think it’s done.

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Aaaaand im done. Thanks for all the people who took a look even nobody replied. :slight_smile: take care!