Games 2D Art/Low-poly 3D Modelling [Unpaid]

Hi guys, currently in the middle of trying to launch a games creation company, that let’s you create your own 3d multiplayer games in a web browser using drag and drop mechanics and instantly publish them on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the Web.

Currently looking for basic low poly models for fun concepts.

If you’re interested in getting your work published get in touch.

At the moment the work is unpaid, but we’ve we’ve started getting interest from press and potential investors, so hopefully this will change.

Hello ashcairo,

What kind of models are you looking for?

I am making a modular build anything style game…

my “components” are able to be handled in 3d via Ik mechanics/ rag doll physics and 6dof joints

these pieces, when linked provide dynamic functions, this could add up to games, being made in a game…


Hey apm, we’re thinking of cartoony styled pre-baked lit low-poly models for now until we beef up the rendering capabilities of our engine.

Here’s a few screenshots of some of the models we’ve made so far.

@BluePrintRandom Dude that sounds awesome! Do you have a demo out?

Hello Ashcairo,

I do have some spare time in my hands at the moment and if you are flexible with time and not strict deadlines I would be happy to at least try and give a hand with some models (provided of course if my experience is good enough for what you want).

I am interested in building up my portfolio with live projects.

@apm-designs, that’s awesome dude, thanks! I’ll send you a pm explaining more on the project.

I would like to work on this project…PM about detalils