Games and Aesthetics.

I’ve no experience in any kind of web development, but I just had an idea that I wanted to put out there. Is it possible that there is some way for the Finished Games to be “advertised” easier?

It’s just that stuff that makes it in there has had a lot of effort and can easily be overlooked without a keen eye; I mean maybe allowing the posting user to add a banner to the thread display bar?

Perhaps have a “Featured” bar for games with certain attributes (new, highest rating, perhaps even random) or a “legends bar” where the games which are universally accepted as being amazing or have a high rating, etc are featured. Finally, as a small child writing a birthday wishlist, is it possible for a sub-catagory where we can organise the games, I.E. Shooters, Arcade, Platformers, Driving, that kind of thing…

:ba:<–Mr T wants it too…

(I understand I’m posting this not long after the change of management, this is just an “if you aren’t busy…” kind of request…)

Thank you for your time. :RocknRoll:

(Don’t know who this is addressing, hopefully someone will jump in with a “yeah, this’d be good” or a “can’t do that, sorry,” preferably the former…)

sounds good - as i reckon more people go to blender to make games rather than images, and im not saying these are bad, but its easy for the more experienced people’s games to get lost in with “my first shooter,” etc.

I agree, although it’s nice to see the interest in Blender continue, it seems unfair when the long-term projects reach fruition and get overlooked because they’re drowning in “my first shooters” (liking the terminology), I just thought that a professional looking banner and the suggestion bar might increase hits on the good stuff and make it easier for people browsing.

And the sections, which would just help reduce the massive chunk we have to look at now… :smiley:

maybe I should change the title to “My Blenderartists Wishlist” :smiley: