Games Consoles!

After running out of things to do last night i started to 3D model some games consoles since I’ve never really tried it before and it sounded fun! These are only works in progresses and quite simple meshes at the minute, but they’re starting to shape up to look quite nice!

Sony PSP -

Nintendo DS -

What do you all think so far? And where could i work on improvement??

Just make sure to put some subsurf modifiers on each of them before you fully render them so that they have smoother edges. Also, if I’m not mistaken the buttons on the psp are clear, so if you haven’t decided to already, then you might want to give the buttons a glass material and just darken them up. Other than that I’d say keep up the good work!


Clay Render

Cycles Render (No Screen)

Cycles Render (With Screen)

Model completed besides a quick rework needed for the base materials of the actual psp! Rendered at 200 cycles.