(wes1) #1
  1. chiose your own file .Blend or .Exe

  2. Pick your own Gerne

  3. Dead line 15 january 2003

wes1 good luck 8)

(ndnchief) #2

I much like the change, Thanks for listening and being FLEXIBLE… I personaly, thought the rules where a little , shall I say STALINistic. But now they are certainly more appealing… Thanks for the Change…

The NDN…

(saluk) #3

Thank you so much wes! Great change. I know we will get some great games out of this contest.

(Pooba) #4

Yeah, i don’t think we need a genere for this many people, if we had a lot mroe people, say 50 more people, we’d need a specific genere (easier to be judged)

Speaking of which, who is judging?


(Yamyam) #5

“3.Liberty” means that player can do anything? playing goal is for Liberty?

(wes1) #6

Read the awnser here