Games for other platforms possible?

Would it be possible to have a (Blender) game engine that could create exe’s for other platforms such as playstations?

Would this mean having to run PC OS, or not?

its possible to run it on playstation but its illeagal therefore the code was never released (i think) its also possible to port blender to xbox and also to make xbe’s for xbox to play games on xbox. but that needs to be coded. blender can make executibles for all the platforms it supports though :slight_smile:

hmm i think the playstation one was released, its in a news article on, the NaN treasure chest or somethin like it

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the only part that comes to mind that may make it illegal is the copy protection scheme that must be worked around (read: broken) to get it to work reasonably (as in put in disk, play)

the playstation 2 has a sony sponsored linux kit, it has mesa (not accelerated) and what they call ps2gl which is a subset of opengl which does use the hardware. it is possible to compile blender on it.

see, a mod chip can be considered breaking copy protecting
as can the disc swap techniques
and exploiting the memory card bugs


besides, how would you get the controls to work?

Making a .xbe would be seriously cool. I sniffed around and found out that the xbmc supports python. How much of the game engine is made up of python and how much is c++? Does the bge use PyOpenGL at any point? Just wondering, don’t know anything about the guts of blender.

you bumped it!!! this thread is 2 years old!!!

blender is written in C

the game engine is written in C++

[presumably the standalone player is entirely c++]

now, blender also contains a python runtime, which is written in C

… in other words, if python was all that was available to run, you’d have to rewrite the entire game engine [and you’d also need modules [like opengl and pygame] not included with a regular python install.

Ok, maybe I bumped it :slight_smile: I still think that’s it’s really interesting though. If we’re just talking hypothetically, would it be possible to compile the game engine for the xbox with the xdk? (making some adjustments of course) , or even more compelling, saving an .xbe runtime directly from Blender? :smiley: