Games in 2.34

Hello - new to Game Blender.
I have poked-around, trying to find answers, but have not really found what I need - please forgive any faq-repeats.

When I follow a typical game-tutorial, I usually get to the point where it says “press the Actor button”. Now, unless my eyes are failing, I cannot find that button! I can’t find ghost, dynamic or rigid-body either (not that I know that they do!)

Are there any introduction tutorials based on Blender 2.34?

:-? Umm, Biggles did you use the search function on elysiun??

Lol, here’s my little reply to a question that’s been asked so many times.

:o Notice all those links in that post. There was probably a bit more on the same question since then.

Are there any introduction tutorials based on Blender 2.34?

There is. The Gameblender Kit. There’s also loads of .blend files that you can learn from. Also, a really long and concise tutorial by SnailRose can be found here.
Download it and unzip with winzip.

Jason Lin

goldentaiji - I can barely type I’m so busy blushing.

Thanks for the assist, despite my damn fool question!

I think it’s the initiation question in more ways than one. I asked it too.

First post of many people, or at least almost. “Hi, I’m new to elysiun. I’m making a cool game, but I have one problem. Where is the actor button? Can anyone help me?”
My first post was different (there still was an actor button at that time), but it was still pretty pathetic.

Cool. Your into adventure games. They’re my favorite. I also like puzzle games, but it’s hard to find any that are very fun. I don’t like matching colors, etc.

Heh - thanks for that post PlantPerson. You seem to have put your foot firmly into it! I feel 1% better now :slight_smile:

Adventure games are the best, not that I have played a lot of games - no time :frowning: I really loved Myst 3 - that was very good, not too boring on the puzzles and just eye-stompingly beautiful to behold!

Yeah this question is asked a lot. I’m trying to help people in the community that are new or just advanced users. I already created a FAQ page so people see it’s in the works. I already added a few questions to it. :slight_smile: