Games to .exe

Is there a way of exporting blender games? To like an executable?

Lol I dont really see much for the function of game making in blender without an exporter

File->Save Runtime or File->Save Dynamic Runtime
The former will be a larger file, but the latter will need several DLL files to run.

Allright thanks… several dlls?
Maybe theres a python script for this

If you’re lacking a dll you can easily find it using google or similar. Just put the .dll file in the same folder as the .exe

In case my last post was confusing:
There are two options to you - saving as static or dynamic programs.
File->Save Runtime makes a static program, File->Save Dynamic Runtime makes a dynamic program.

A static program has various things blender uses (SDL, python, etc) statically linked inside the exe. This makes the exe file bigger, but it means it doesn’t have any external dependancies (other than the usual ones that every windows program uses).

A dynamic program has some features (I’m not sure which ones, I don’t have the dynamic runtime installed) linked via Dynamically Linked Libraries (ie DLLs). This means the exe file itself is smaller, but you need the DLL files to run it. I’m not sure which DLLs you’ll need, it’ll tell you when you run it if you don’t have it. I’m guessing you’ll need sdl.dll and python23.dll, both of which come with blender. You might also need libpng.dll but I doubt it.

Make a static runtime if you’re just making one or two programs - the size difference is not applicable then (a single static program is smaller than a dynamic runtime and all the DLLs) however if you’re making lots of games and packaging them together, then use dynaimc runtimes as you only need to include the DLLs once.

As for your python script question, can you be more specific? What do you want a this python script to be able to do? Is there anything hard about going File->Save Runtime that a python script could simplify?