Games to tryout.

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Got a couple of games for any of you who are interested. No Python scripts or anything fancy, but I’m reasonably pleased with them as they are my first attempts. You may think at first glance that the Cloud Hopping game is a bit tame but it’s not easy, I haven’t been able to get all the way through it yet myself, except when testing it from different stages to see that it all worked.

The Spacecity game plays like a flight simulator only here you are controlling a Flying Saucer. I have pasted in the instructions to hopefully tempt you to spend the time downloading it as it is a bit heavy at 3.15 Mb. I guess some of you will notice I have borrowed quite a bit of scenery from an old Blender demo, this is just until I get time to make my own textures. I bought a cheap digital camera last year for that purpose but up to now haven’t got round to it.

I’ve put the games on my old site as I’m trying to re-make my new one using Flash. Don’t laugh to much at it, most of it is stuff I did before I got interested in Blender. My html is naff but it works. The address
is The games page is at the bottom. Hope they are of some interest.


                                                  OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS FOR SPACE CITY.

                                  (I made this game on a 1 gig computer. Haven't tested it on any other.)

Space City is a flying saucer game where you are controlling the spaceship. Your ship’s energy levels are low and you have arrived at Space City to re-fuel. The fuel gauge is down to 50 units and falling.There are a number of ways to collect fuel, eg :-

The lights in the roads render small amounts of fuel for emergencies when the ship passes close to them.

There are generators inside some of the buildings producing 100 units each, but they can only be reached by the ships tractor beam.

The large revolving spheres produce the greatest amount of fuel (1000 units) but this can only be accessed by dislodging them and guiding them down the shoots at the outer edge of the city. Small amounts are gained by just dislodging the spheres.

Colliding with objects can damage your ship resulting in loss of fuel.

Avoid using high powered thrusters in close vicinity to other objects as they can through you off course.

The controls for the ship are on the number pad, with the exception of the spacebar & Right Alt. which are used to hover & cancel hover.


5… Forward thrust (low power)
+…Forward thrust (high power)
3…Vertical upward thrust (low power)
.Del…Vertical upward thrust (high power)
-…Vertical downward thrust
1…Reverse thrust
4…Left turn
6…Right turn
0…Phaser (low power)
Enter…Phaser (high power)
7…Left bank
9…Right bank
8…Nose down
2…Nose up
/…Tractor bay door. Only viewed from bay camera (3) or outside camera (2)
*…Tractor beam. (press & hold) Only viewed from bay camera (3) or outside camera (2)
Right/Alt…Cancel hover

CHANGE CAMERAS (on main keyboard)

1…Forward view from ship
2…Outside camera. (Can be controlled separately, Details below)
3…Tractor bay camera

OUTSIDE CAMERA CONTROLS (on pad containing arrow keys)

Up arrow…Tilt forward
Down arrow…Tilt back
Left arrow…Left turn
Right arrow…Right turn
Delete…Left bank
Page down…Right bank
Page up…Reverse

Escape…Quit game


1…After first starting game, press Del on Num Pad to take ship above city, then press spacebar to hover,change to camera 3. Open Tractor Bay door ( / on Num Pad ), then take a look round to get your bearings.

2…Collecting fuel from road lights is easier if hover is used.

3…Use the outside camera(2) to help guide your ship.

4…Use cameras 2 & 3 to guide the tractor beam.

5…Tractor Beam is helpful to gain larger amounts of fuel.

6…Outside camera is not attached to the ship so if you want to view it from outside switch to camera 2 before moving ship.

7…Avoid pressing too many keys at once or your computer will complain.

Although there is only one level at present, I am planning new levels which will be travelled to when a certain amount of fuel is accumulated. If you have any ideas regarding new levels or changes to the existing one, please drop me a line. You can reach me via one of the links on my website. I hope you enjoy the game so far.


(Pooba) #2

Link doesn’t work

(jrt) #3

Hi Pooda,

Which link didn’t work? I tried the html and that seemed OK.

(gargola) #4

wow! awfuly slow on my comp.! sorry… :smiley:

(Pooba) #5

It’s pooba, not pooda

and i get a cannot find server message when i click the link.


(jrt) #6

Hi Guys
Doesn’t sound very successful my first attempt. Sorry about the name Pooba, saw it right, typed it wrong. What spec is your computer gargola and which game did you try? Wonder if it will be the same for all of them.

(saluk) #7

Both games are really neat, although I definately like cloud hopper better. Proof that simple games can be better than complicated ones a lot of the time. It’s pretty hard, and I like the different notes and sounds for each tile. Great work!

(jrt) #8

Thank’s Saluk, Glad to hear they worked. I was beginning to be a little concerned there for a while. I know Blender doesn’t turn out the fastest games but where would we get anything better for free! At least I feel like carrying on now. I guess I’ll have to be a bit more selective with the graphics.

(gargola) #9

well,i’m on a 750 mhz,64 MB RAM with a Nvidia tnt2 card…and the game was grasshopper???(the bouncing ball)…he he he! just kidding…cloud hopper :smiley: but very cool game there! :smiley:

(jrt) #10

Thank’ guys, I shall sleep happy tonight!

(digitalSlav) #11

nice games there. although i must say the first square i landed on and no sound came out my jaw hit the floor haha.

(Klein) #12

that game with the space shuttle… there r many possibilities to increase performance.Try to make the best of it

(jrt) #13

Thank’s for the encouragement guys, I would be pleased to hear any suggestions to improve performace. I know keeping the graphics small and as few as possible helps. I don’t know Python yet, although I do keep having a read about it every so often. Trouble is I’m trying to learn Flash action script as well. There never seems to be enough time. I found out about the message property after I made the game, this would have helped but I don’t know if it would have improved performance. Let me Know what you think. If it’s the Recycle Bin so be it!

By the way, have some of the sound file got lost in the ball game? I thought it was OK before I uploaded it. Trouble is you tend to miss things when you’re in a rush. I don’t think Pooba is going to forgive me for that. Sorry again POOBA!