Games using the Blender Game Engine

I just added a new section to my Website. It’s a gallery of screenshots from games using the Blender Game Engine.

Blender Foundation’s ‘Yo Frank’
Jean-Pierre Deloince’s ‘Maxima et le poste treize’
haidme’s ‘KRUM’
Glenn Melenhorst’s ‘Duk Duk’

(Jean-Pierre Deloince, haidme and Glenn Melenhorst were kind enough to allow me use screenshots from their games.)


Those photo’s of Jean-Pierre’s game look amazing (well OK, all those games look amazing). What I wouldn’t give to see a video of that in action…

Nice, I’ll have to get a move on with stuff.Maybe I can make this gallery too!

I love how great the BGE games look these days. It has really become a viable tool again.


I agree with you. Jean-Pierre’s stuff is amazing. The man has the eye of an artist. I’d also like to see a video or even better a demo so I could walk around in that world.


I plan on adding more to the gallery. I’d like to be in it myself but none of my stuff is half as good. I wouldn’t be surprised one or all of them end up making a lot of money with what they’ve done.


You can add 4X4 if you like… :stuck_out_tongue:


I looked at your TURBO thread. The car model is very nice. If the game screenshots are the same quality, I’ll be happy to add them to the gallery. The only requirement for the gallery is that the screenshots look like they came from a commercial game.

I’m thinking about expanding the gallery and adding a section for screenshots of game models. Again, the only requirement is that they look commercial quality. Your car would certainly qualify.


Hi, there are no links to the gallery from Logic Bricks – 2.48a Tutorials I guess you missed to update them.

Hi Sim88,

I just haven’t gotten to them yet. There are almost 500 pages on my website. I’ve updated between 300 and 400 so far. I hope to finish it this weekend.