Games vs. Single files

As we know, you can (and should?) write a game into one single -blend.

But I’ve noticed that the quality between single blender models, scenes and such have HUGE difference to games.

Is it because the current BGE sucks, or is it that only newbies are working on games?

it has to do with the lunar eclipse today… read the manual, and try again tomorrow after the eclipse is over, I bet you have better results.

Do you mean that game with multiple .blends look better than ones that are just in a single .blend file? I fail to understand the similarities…

It’s just a matter of preference and choice. Splitting your game up into multiple .blend file won’t make it look any better or any worse. If your game is large I would prefer to split it up into multiple scene or multiple .blend files. It’s just a matter or organization that’ll ease your pain in having to sort through a whole mess after working on it for several months.

:spin:Not sure if there’s any technical advantages to splitting it up besides personal preference, but who knows.

Jason Lin

I just ment that single blender projects are visually alot better than games.

That’s because other projects can use really high-poly models and lots of nifty rendering techniques (like SSS) but games are very restricted in how many faces each model can have before it starts slowing down and crashing.

true that, but I can make better graphics and lighting with another engine.

So I should just wait better one, or remain using for game modelling and renders…

And please correct if I’m wrong, but there is realtime SSS shader somewhere?

If you have access (and appropriate licensing… right, guys?) to a “better” game / rendering engine, then by all means, you should use it.
I would suggest that you learn and practice with ALL the resources at your disposal, and since you are here, that includes Blender. Learn to maximize what you can do with Blenders varied limitations and impressive specializations, and when you DO get your hands on a “Better” program, you’ll have a better idea of how to capitalize on ITS weaknesses and strengths, making you a better programmer all around.

If all you’re interested in is next gen quality game graphics, then you’re in the wrong place. If you want to learn how to build games from the ground up… Welcome home.


inestical @ you haven’t your own engine ? I know it’s a bit off topic but I thought you were an engine programmer.

for you question about blender game projects most of them are done by noobs and they dont go nowhere so it’s most the fault of the developer. Now blender is free so I wonder it’s easier to play around because you don’t pay for it and so people don’t invest money in it so they don’t care, like with torque or 3dgs. Most of people are working alone so the quality cannot increase since to make a game you need a lot of time and effort.

but in another hand bleender has such good quality like logic brick, powerfull script and you don’t need to compile you game to see if its work. you can achieve a good quality if you want. as far as I know most of indie engine don’t go anywhere ( I don’t see so many game from torque) but in blender if you want to see good game there are some like he blend’s one or club silo.;7371211;;/fileinfo.html

some shader effects

mike pan work
blender lacks of features but toonist, snailrose or ashid are working to make a better render engine. Since you have some knowledge in engine developpement and the code source is accessible you should give a shot. Because modeling importing and level building are much more easy in blender and it’s what you need first to make a good game even if there aren’t so many shader.

take a look to regression file there is some effects you see often in BGE because people don’t program in glsl so they cannot use shader either

Yes, I am :slight_smile: Well, now the project is in ice for the time I’ve done a game with any engine… Old habits are conquering. I’m waiting for toonist to finish the engine so I can use it.

That’s probaply the cause.

(You’re 3DGS developer? what nick @ forums?)

Yeah. The good bits. I can make the effects I want by writing script, plugin or using the materials and build-in effects.

Thanks for the games, I’ll take a look to them.

I think toonist likes to work alone and I’m not in the mood to make engines :wink:
In games, the first thing implemented is… The code. Yes. True that, but in an completed project (or even wip shots) one should see perfectly, or not so, lighting, textures and effects too.

I do code in glsl… Well, I’ll take a look when I’ve got the time :slight_smile:

I’m also waiting for toonist implementation :slight_smile:

on 3dgs I’m just a 3d artist so I didn’t make any game, even if I try to make a fighting game but it’s was a way too complicated for a first game so I switch because of bullet the physics ( I didn’t feel comfortable with newton)
and the easy way to implement level and model because for me it’s a most important. you cannot model on med and make a good level design on wed. everything was too blocky and since I haven’t a good skill in programming I was frustrated. I’m waiting to see what A7’s gonna bring to start a new project.

I almost forget to tell you my nick is Sueds. I didn’t post so often.