Games with stories in them

…So I’m curious whether anyone’s working on game engines for games which have STORIES inside the world? ie. the player has to do a particular thing, then the story moves forward, certain events happen, then the player has to do more stuff, and so on, all while wandering around in the world - does such a beast exist? Are the Godot/Armory/UPBGE type of engines it? :slight_smile:

no, the only way to have stories and questlines in a game is to buy unity pro.


In addition to @Liebranca
You also need blueprints/addons/plugins, like 7 of them at 99 bucks each.

I always tell my students there are no dumb questions…, well am i wrong here, they actually do exist.

On the serious note, the question you ask is the wrong one, you should ask if YOU can create a story or even a game. It’s as simple as that. If you can’t make one, then no engine gonna be good enough for you.

Of course it’s possible, and very easy to do in bge/upbge as well. So it’s all up to you.


If i recall well, there’s a story sensor . :thinking:


you can can write your story in the yellow case and press “P” to launch the game.

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A game engine is just a piece of software that makes your assets “move efficiently”. It only does stuff like “how to render 1,000,000 triangles”, or “how to move 10,000 according to physics” kind of stuff. Because you have to understand that games are programs. Now game engines allow you to also program how things should happen: via scripting or just programming. You are the one to say: “I am spawning X new entities, go and render them”, or “move this character at Y speed, according to the mouse position”. A game engine won’t write the story for you, you will have to program it. You will have to write something that does “when I get close to the NPC entity, disable controls and start a dialogue”.

You can write a game with a story even without Godot/Unreal/Unity/UPBGE/etc.

There’s even a whole runtime/language that looks like english to write textual games:

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Well OF COURSE I have ideas for one, else why would I ask???

OK, so how Do I do it in UPBGE or whichever one?

Yes, I am well aware of Inform - I will soon enough start getting to grips with it’s brother/sister, Twine, what I was looking to do is to COMBINE it/that kind of thing, with a 3D world - THAT’S what I was trying to do! (in an OPEN WORLD scenario, that’s what…)
(as so many games do, especially “serious” ones…)

Then no, as far as I know, no game engine currently provides an out-of-the box story telling mechanism. You have to code it into your game by yourself in most cases. Maybe someone made some addon, but I wouldn’t bet on that. Assume you have to implement it yourself.

What about what blenderaptor said?

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It was a troll.

What’s that screenshot of, anyway, then?

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Keyboard sensor. “Log Toggle” can point to a boolean property to control if logging should happen or not. “Target” is the property in which keystrokes will be logged into, if enabled.

(think input box, to type things)

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Ok well, sorry, but your openings post doesn’t say any of that, so it really looked like a dumb question.

So indeed as @WKnight02 said, there is no out of the box setup for it, you need to do all by yourself.

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