Games you haven't played for a while and then rediscover it

I’m meaning

1). you buy a game
2). you play it for a while
3). you stop playing it
4). the CD collects dust
5). you decide to play it again

It just happened with me with Simcity 4, I thought I would try citylife but people wanted Simcity, also, I go read user city journals and see the beautiful cities others have created. After seeing Nashville I got inspired to build my own in Simcity. And so I pick it up and start to play it again. I also went to the simtropolis website and downloaded a ton of buildings and mods for the game. Though I had to register to use the building exchange.

Any instances where you suddenly get the feel to play a game again?

Diablo II
SNES games like Chrono Trigger
Doom games
Tribes & Tribes 2
Neverwinter Nights (holy SHIT you can get a lot of gameplay out of this one)

I didn’t find any CD of Zak McKracken for my c64, but a 5.25" floppy disk with a lot of dust on it. Was a lot of fun, playing it, but only for 3:40h. I also found Bubble Bobble, what was fun until I got the Game Over in level 30. Had not played both games for about 12 years, didn’t even remember, they were that entertaining.

this happens a lot with me.

-americas army
-conquer online
—red orchestra mod for ut2k4
-command and conquer
-halo pc

there are more.
usually i install a game that i feel like playing, then a few months later i uninstall it when i get bored, or need the HD space (25GB HD :frowning: )

Total Annihilation. It’s about 10years old now but still one of the best RTS I have ever played. I’m waiting for Supreme Commander though…10 years after the original.

StarCraft. Ow I so want to have a multiplayer of that game right now. :slight_smile:

HOLY CRAP!!! I’m not alone in my love of this game. So, you play as Core or Arm? I like playing as Core, mainly for Krogith (sp?), although Arm does have the vulcan cannon… Hehe, over max range shots… I need to play that game again.

Anyways, games that I rediscoverd

Generals:ZH - Still owe my borther a game of it.
Halo, I played it just for the Warthog jump… Fun stuff
Capitalisim II, its kinda like a multiplayer SimCity.
Rise of Nations
Does Blender count? What about Linux?

Games that I will probibly play again thanks to this thread

Now I must thumb through my CD binder to see what else I can play.


I started re-playing Smash Bros. Melee once Brawl was announced, and I’m sure the rest of the world can agree.

I started playing Killzone for the first time in over a year, I do that with many of my games. Command and Conquer is a fantastico classic too.

StarCraft, Total Annihilation, Worms :D. i definatly would like a multipayer game of those!
Too bad to just a bit too young (18) to have played SNES-games and stuff.

Not true. I’m 18 years old, too, and I have started with playing NES :wink:
Now that was quality gameplay…sometimes I feel like playing the games again, so, yeah, I have “rediscovered” a lot of games already.

Sames goes for the new Gamecube games, however. I only have a few that I play again and again, like the aforementioned SSBM.

BTW, @Toomai:
" Yes, I’ve beat Events 50 and 51 with every character. I’ve even got free, PM-able strategies for each one."
I assume you mean SSBM? If so, I’m amazed :wink:
(And I still think that the Event with Pichu and Pikachu is way harder than 50 / 51…).

Homeworld… I used to spend hours on it.

I gotta play thought half-life again. And Mechwarrior 2.

Unreal Tournament 1 is still heavily active online.
There are maps where you have low gravity and everybody trying to shoot each other with nothing but a sniper rifle. Strong!
I voted for Doom on an upcoming LAN party.
Still play Call of Duty 1.
I’m an Age of Empires freak, maybe I should try AoE1 for a change.
I downloaded Dune2 recently but haven’t got the time to try it yet.

Damn, this happens every couple weeks for me… This time, it’s with Chrono Trigger and Terranigma, also with NHL 06 and Diablo II but to a lesser extent.

Half Life 1. I finished HL2 Episode 1 and realised I had never actually beaten Nihilianth, so I replayed the entire game and finally finished it.
Opposing Force. After finally completing HL1, I decided to replay this one (which I had completed).
Warlords Battlecry II (a cookie if you ever heard of that) - played because it was the only older game (ie that could run on my old 800mhz PC rather than the main games machine) with LAN multiplayer.

Actually I do that to alot of games. I play them, get board, neglect them for a while, pick them up again a while later, and get totally into them and decide I really like them.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles this evening actually.

Been contemplating playing Homeworld again…

Oh f**k, this thread is making me fail in exams…

I found my copy of Final Fantasy IX, this one is addictive (especially during the boring exams period, I’m in) :slight_smile:

Nice to see some decent retro games on the list !

Especially TA !

I have been playing Space Hulk by EA Games, tough as hell but addictive stuff when you get your head into it. :smiley:

X-com Enemy unknown :smiley: best game ever