(Lee_Ball) #1

Can you make games in blender? I got it on a demo and it was advertised as that on it.

(S68) #2


That’s what the ‘Realtime Engine’ is for :stuck_out_tongue:


(Lee_Ball) #3

Hmm, its Sooo, compilcated to do stuff though.

You’ll have to show me a guide. I couldn’t download the one off the net. No longer there.

(blenderanim) #4

Check the realtime engine forum. Someone there should be able to send the gameBlender documentation or give a link.

(blengine) #5

yeah the game blender documentation will explain most of what u need to know… the game engine is really really easy once u get the hang of things…its like when u first open blender u say “what the f*ck”…laster on u say, oh wow, i got the hang of this now… fun stuff too