(gargola) #1

hi guys! i’m back…while i was away,i was working on two games…they are not finished(i repeat,they are not finished).please tell me what you think of them so far.thanx! :smiley:

(S_W) #2

Good ideas! :slight_smile:
(But they need a lot of work :wink: )

(Pooba) #3

Hey, what happened to flash ninja?


(gargola) #4

S_W: thanx! :smiley:

Pooba: i quit on the Flash Ninja game.since i don’t have a saving feature on i want to make another RPG (in the future) with better graphics and a not so big world like flash ninja,divided in scenes(i think it would be better that way). :smiley:

(gargola) #5

hey guys! i updated the boxing game!!! i’m so excited about this game!i think it’s going great…here:

if you click and nothing happens,please copy and paste the shortcut.comments appreciated.thanx! :smiley:

(SeaCigar) #6

:smiley: Hey Gargola. I thought I’d drop in, and give you some trouble for a while;).

First off, the boxing game is looking good, but I’m just a little curious on how you are going to program your opponent: AI is really important thing a fighting game, especially a boxing game.
It shouldn’t be impossible though; have you ever considered using the mike tyson’s punch-out method? Take a look at that game if you haven’t already. The individual fighters in those often had insane defense, but either had vulnerable areas (like glass joe and his glass jaw), or had flashy attacks, which were counterable in some way or form, like when bull…something or other… charged you, even though he looked fearsome, could be clocked easily, if you pegged him right before he head-butted you.
In other words, have your opponent follow a set battle routine, with periods of vulnerability at certain points; you may even want to have a random actuator that randomly picks out punches to use.

Also, on your ghost hunting game, I was severely dissapointed…
Aw, don’t give me that look! It’s not your fault; I just expected some ghost sucking action, ala ghost busters or luigi’s mansion! Like I said, its just a misinterpretation of the name of the game. Once you get past all that, the game actually seems like it might be fun!

Have you ever considered having the ghosts morph out of, or merely jump out of, objects scattered in the level? Hey, they’re ghosts; use a little imagination on how they show up;)

Just a little side note; it scared the crap out of me in Silent hill 2 when one of those bizarre creatures crawled high speed straight at me from the underneath of one of many cars in the town whilst exploring… on top of that, my sensor ( el radio, if you know what I mean) didnt pick it up until AFTER it jumped out. Fortunately, they cant attack while crawling, unless you consider giving me a heart attack, an attack…

lol, I thought that might help inspire you a little in the ghost game.

(gargola) #7

thanx seacigar! yeah! very good ideas indeed…but the ghost hunter is not near finished yet,so a lot of things could be done.don’t spect a silent hill out of my ghost hunter! :o he he! but i’ll try my best to improve it. now,about the boxing game(wich it is not near finish either) the first opponet(the only one yet) is very easy and(till now)it only uses his right arm.what i don’t know yet is how to make the opponent block my attacks…cause the collision is very poor and my boxing gloves get through the arms of the opponent…don’t know how to fix that…it’s not the same as when you move an object with motion actuators.i hope i can fix that to make of this a better boxing game.thanx for your comments seacigar! :smiley:

(SeaCigar) #8

Well, here’s an idea: Have you ever considered makeing invisible pressure points on the areas that you punch at, that change between hit, miss, and block modes, based on how the character is behaving?
in other words; have like, five squares, and have each square coorespond to one punch: high right jab, low rightjab, high leftjab, highleftjab, and headshot/uppercut (for example only, of course).
so the computer decides to block head and body shots; make the computer send a message to each of the five panels: make the head and high body panels go into block mode, and the lower body panels go into vulnerable mode: have the panels send messages to the body too: if you hit that vulnerable spot, make your opponent reel.

In other words, you may have to fake hit detection slightly: don’t worry if you dont actually hit the character, as long as it is close (kinda like pro wrestling;p)

also, if your characters are moving back and forth, you may want to parent the panels to something to keep them close to your opponent.

well, its just an idea.;p

one last thing: collisions wont register unless it is a collision between a face and a dynamic actor, or two dyn. actors; two faces won’t register unfortunately; however, I think someone may have built a python script to fix that.

The collision spheres are relatively simple: they are a set of trigonometric values that tell the computer that "this set of values (x,y,z) are solid around point (x,y,z; the origin), relying on that old formula pi times the radius squared (off the top of my head, I think that is only the formula for a circle: feel free to correct me if that isn’t the formula for a sphere). the faces have no real mathmatic volume, so the computer doesn’t know when two objects are colliding. if you wanted, you could make a boxing glove-shaped mathmatic equation, but I think it would be easier to find that python script :stuck_out_tongue:

(gargola) #9

good idea! i’m going to try that! thanx! :smiley:

(gargola) #10

for those that don’t know it…i’m moving to and the games to download are here now:

i updated both games and since the last yahoo briefcase link didn’t work… please have a look! thanx! :smiley:

(saluk) #11

Well the boxing game is pretty neat. There’s some ok ai and gameplay now. It’s still a little simplistic and easy, but nice work so far. Would make a mean multiplayer game.

Ghost hunter on the other hand, is unplayable for me right now. Could be the graphics card on this hear laptop (s3) but the fog makes it so I can’t see ANYTHING. It’s just blue. So I took the fog out, and it looks like a pretty neat game. I like how you can push the trash cans around. Good modelling/texturing job, now it just needs some game.

(gargola) #12

thanx for your nice comments saluk! :smiley: about multiplayer…multiplayer??? if i ever find out how to do that! he he! :smiley:

ghost hunter: well,i’m working on the gameplay…still don’t know what exactly to do yet(have some ideas). thanx again! :smiley:

ps:you are another with problems with the mist,guess i’ll have to remove the mist.

(SeaCigar) #13

It’s looking better and better :slight_smile:

one little suggestion, if I may.

you need to make it so when your character takes a swing, he is unable to block. This is because I can easily block all my opponents attacks, simply by hitting the block button as soon as I see them coming, even if I am in the middle of swinging at him. This will increase the difficulty of the game to a more realistic level, because you have to lower your defense at least a little in real life to take a swing at your opponent, and run the risk of him seeing it coming, and clocking you before then.

well, as usual, just trying to help.

and, like saluk suggested, it would be interesting to create a 2 player mode, simply by making a copy of the game, and changing the logic bricks so keyboard strokes trigger the opponents attacks/blocks, rather than the artificial stupidity of the computer.

(gargola) #14

hum!! interesting! thanx for the advice guys! i really need someone to help me make this boxing game.i really want this to be a good one!cause i got a lot of ideas to make on this game and the ones that Seacigar is teasing me with! he he he! :smiley:
very good ideas indeed. :smiley:

(ndnchief) #15

With the Boxing game, could you do a bunch of counter swings, such as uppercut, right hook left hook to body, left cross, etc… do the (I think its called IPOs for the opponent. And then in python tell him to throw certain puches that would counter what the player is throwing. and also say mabey only 40% of time. Then if player wins, goto next scene, use same ipos but just change the % higher to make it more difficult. Its not really a suggestion, mabey just a question? I am just trying to learn about python and game engine, and what is possible… UGH!!! Your game rocks, coming from a former Amature Boxer, 56-7. You can tell I was a former Boxer, thats why I spelled Amature wrong. LOL… Oh and thanks for the help the other day, APPRECIATED MUCH!!!


(gargola) #16

hey guys! you are really giving me good ideas! i think it’s getting better and better each time!

ndnchief: thanx for the suggestions! and you’re welcome! :smiley:

ps: i’ll see if today i upload what i have done so far…the first opponent’s AI is much better,now he avoids punches much better than the last time and you need to do something to beat him…since he avoids every punch you throw at him.but still very easy to beat as he is the first opponent(of many that i’m planning to add)…you know,the first is always easy.thanx for your comments guys…i’ll go work on it a little more and upload the new version…he he! :smiley:

(gargola) #17

ok guys! here it is…please give it a try and tell me if you beat the opponent,if it was easy,hard and any other comments.if anybody find out the way to beat him(is easy) please tell me.remember,this is the first opponent,so please no comments like “it’s way way too easy”…he he! :smiley: the other opponets(hopefully)will be harder. :wink: ok…here is the link: .comments appreciated! :smiley:

(saluk) #18

Pretty easy, just sat there giving him the ol left hook repeatedly and won. It’s a lot more interesting now that he bounces around though. Also, on my computer, the numbers at the end are a bit slow.


(gargola) #19

the ol left hook right on the kisser,huh Saluk? he he! :smiley: pretty easy with the hook…sssssssshhh,don’t tell the “trick” to anybody LOL he he! :smiley: thanx for trying it Saluk. :smiley:

(SeaCigar) #20

:smiley: Its getting better and better

exellent work, Garg.

don’t forget to fix the blocking so it’s not so easy to dodge tho :slight_smile:

you seemed to pick up on my hints on the punch-out game well.

now try making giving the bum a few more punches to use on you! :smiley:

also, if you cant get the blocking to work right, try this;

make it so theres some sort of penalty for overusing blocking.

Some examples are like; making a blocked hit take off only a fraction of health, rather than fully blocking everything.

make a block bar that decreases as you take blocked hits, and refills slowly over time:

OH YEA! hey, Garg, check out this web site…

This will let you turn your health points into a dynamic looking health meter, plus you can use it on your block meter, if you decide to use that.

anyway, getting back to where I was before, if you’ve boxed before, you’d know that even your arms would get fatigued over a period of time, if all you did was block shots. So that would penalise you for “turtling up” in fighting game terms (Am I not Turtle-y enough for the Turtle Club? lol; had to throw that in)

seriously, in old fighting games, you weren’t penalized for blocking too much, and it made the game incredibly boring, unless you and you buddy agree to sock each other if you block so many times. Nowadays, there are penalties for blocking too much, like the chipping away of life in street fighter, or the ability to throw blocking opponents, also in street fighter.

so you need to address the blocking, m’kay? :stuck_out_tongue:

just trying to help. adios! :wink: