has anyone actually made profit on their game(s)? I’ve worked with blender for some time and to me its the ultimate engine, capable of proffesional games and ideas in minutes, unlike many other engines.

nobody I know of has tried to sell their games here

but I wouldn’t doubt it entirely, skills learned in blender are transferrable to other applications, so your rather vauge question can be answered with a yes

(TorQ comes to mind)

I used the web plugin to make room visualisations.
I have make 32 rooms and I get ~$500 for it.

Sounds like a good job. Because these days, people are looking for some nice technology to promote there products, and the blender engine is a nice way to use the 3D engine on web. Maybe more browser compatibilities would be great. :slight_smile:

Endi, howl long did it take you to do the whole project? Did the customer approach you or did you approach him/her? Was there a problem getting the thing to work with the web plugin. How did the customer have problems with there users downloading and installing the webplugin? Did you have to provide instructions on its use.

32 rooms for $500. :o Seems like they under paid you. If all those 32 rooms were furnished, then they really did under pay you. I guess it was just a open ended job, not working for a company full time thing.

Actually I guess getting paid to have fun doing Blender is just well worth it.

Jason Lin