GameStarter for release your game.

hi folk!

GameStarter is a application to launch a blender game without blender install. The user can setup parameters of blenderplayer with a GUI. it is available for all major operating systems.


I think that is coming soon integrated in Bzoo game.

For this I wrote a batch to make the installer. I used NullSoftInstall and py2exe for integrating extra python modules.

If you are interessed by that you can customize this for your project: <-- it’s just a example, I didn’t wrote a documentation.

download on is slow :s sorry !

Looks interesting, I’ll check it out!

Thank you, Marco! This is an excellent tool and works flawlessly on my PC (as far as I can tell). Everyone using the BGE should download it… seriously.

EDIT: Maybe I should have stated “anyone using Win32 systems”, I guess on Linux you have to compile it, but he says a Linux build is coming soon.

Wow , but actually how can you disable the states in the screen corner , and where the comments are displayed in the launcher
the only problem would be the launcher size , … but great work , thanks for sharing …

it’s hidden :wink:

Click “more options” >> “debug options” and look at the checkboxes


but the credits shouldn’t be hidden , and can i make default settinges for my game :slight_smile:
by the way ,
edit :-
i may use it and credit you for that in the credits :slight_smile: , thanks …

Wow this is really neat, thanks for sharing this Marco. I can definitely see potential use for this in MGP and many other projects as well. If we use it I’ll include your name in the credits and send you a pm.

Keep up the awesome work = )

Nicely done mate :slight_smile: XD

this is great tool, is it possible to loading more than one .blend file by browse the .blend? can it done?

Actualy isn’t it possible because that isn’t the main aim.
But I can make a dedicated fork. I don’t think do it but I keep it in my mind for future developpement.

Actualy I’m making the linux build on OpenSuse. I’m going to test on debian distrib.

I haven’t got Mac OS … So I can’t compil for it. So if a person have PPC or intel MacOs can you help me ??

If a person is interresed to compil on Mac OS post here.
you should just do few operations:
install Qt4 developpement tool and SDL dev lib( and gcc and make tool ?).
DL the source project.
Edit lib path in
and launch “qmake” and “make” command

Else I will seek for cross-Compiling.

Yeah, that looks cool n’ useful. Gotta try that out, straight. Thanx, M8.
(Ah, Monsieur Marco a lance le supertruc. Grand MERCI. C’est vachement super:).)

If we could choose a blend or even better, if we could choose a chain of blends which gets then executed one after the other, well that would be a real nice extension. Please continue with this cool tool.

Btw, very nice website layout :
. Kind of modest elegance with quite a bit of funcionality. I’ll remember this one.

will , i want to use your application in my project and credit you , can i ???

Waiting for the Linux version… :slight_smile:

3DGURU (and anyone), You can use gameStarter as you want. And you can send your download page to enable to me to write on page gameStarter.

Now, you can test under linux system(x86):

You have to open a console and write : “./gameStater”

If you doesn’t use a console the blenderplayer shouldn’t launch the game. I don’t know how to fix it because I use absolutePath to launch it. And so I doesn’t known what append.

I didn’t embedded the QT libraries. Under KDE the app should work.I need the feedback under Gnome environnement.

Well, under Debian/Linux ( etch) and Gnome, I’ve needed to install, libqt4-core,
libqt4-gui and python 2.5…it works, but the starter window acts bizarrely…
Can’t get the more options…options
But the game starts with the different resolutions

Merci beaucoup pour l’effort Linux!

ok, Thx for posting the feedback.
I will test under debian / XFCE, I should fix some problems.

Isn’t it a ‘breaking news’ but it’s a news :

I made a webSite dedicated to GameStarter:

And I plan to open a deposit of blender game. The user will a have a software like Steam for getting and updating the games.

I will use a SVN server to manage the updates.

If you have some sugestions, write down !