Gaming Channel Outro

Quite a while since Ive posted anything here :slight_smile:

Spent most of my free time over the holidays on this. Haven’t been using cycles before.

The end is long because I intend to overlay video thumbnails over it and use youtube links on them.

pretty slick, man. seems a tad slow though.

You’re right. If it was a standalone animation, I’d speed up the end. But like I mentioned the purpose of it is to overlay thumbnails and allow for link navigation for the final seconds.

from second 3 to second 8 the video is great, the rest is a little boring.

Its a great animation(the cool portion) and its perfect for your game chanel, congratulations

it’s pretty cool! but as ppl said, it’s a bit too slow… what I would prefer is kind of playing on the phenix concept, it’s destroyed and then come back to life. reassemble and so at the end you still have a full logo.

just an idea!

good job!

So this is how it looks with the overlaid thumbnail (thus needing to be a little longer that is bearable standalone):

It looks nice, but not very original.

Le Kreatif: And it doesn’t solve world hunger either :slight_smile: