gaming console

What is your gaming console? I play games on my PS 3.

PC, like a man :wink:

XBOX. :yes:

At least nobody has said Wii lol

Wii. :wink:
Lol jk - although my first multiplayer FPS was COD5 on the Wii. :o

haha, thats a bad way to join the multiplayer FPS community :wink:
I have a 360 aswell but the poor thing doesnt get used anymore, the graphics feel so outdated now its like retro gaming, i go there every now and then if i have mates round and we’ll have a blast on halo

The Wii lasted an obsessive 6 months then came the 360. I know PC is much better for serious gaming, but I like to use the Party Chat to talk to friends with the Mic. Also most of my friends use consoles.